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Quote1.png Do you know what hellfire feels like, Fisk? Like all your sins come home to roost. All the wounds you've gouged in others brought back on yourself. And the "Kingpin of Crime" likes causing pain the same way he likes baby back ribs, yeah? Extra portions. So, tell me...what are you scared of? Quote2.png
Ghost Rider

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Synopsis for "Shadowland: Ghost Rider"

Johnny Blaze/Ghost Right comes riding up to Kingpin's apartment, determined to exact vengeance on the former criminal. However, thanks to the Hand magic that summoned him, a simple command from Kingpin causes him to amazingly back off. If Blaze wishes to be free of Kingpin's control and save Daredevil's soul, he'll have to strike at the heart of the Hand controlled by the Snakeroot Clan. Therefore, Blaze makes his way across the Pacific Ocean to Japan, while calling to Heaven for repayment for how he saved it from Zadkiel. He then knocks on their door in human form, in an apparent drunken binge, much to the dismay of the various Hand ninja waiting for him. He is subdued and chained above a well for interrogation as to who sent him. However, Blaze didn't care for what they want and demands that they end his suffering; they comply without hesitation and drop him down the well. Blaze then finds himself in limbo, with an abstract voice telling him that he's needed. He turns back into the Ghost Rider, as angels descend on the Hand, using their flaming swords of vengeance to inflict horrors upon the Hand. He keeps one of the Snakeroot elders alive to get him to show where his bike is. The elder is dismayed that Blaze would follow his master's orders and leave the Hand leaderless. But Blaze doesn't care in the slightest, as he rides off, with the elder wrapped in chains being dragged behind him.

Solicit Synopsis

SHADOWLAND TIE-IN! When the Spirit Of Vengeance is summoned to the front lines of the battle for the soul of New York, Ghost Rider finds himself a pawn in a larger game, and if he wants his freedom back he's going have to head for Japan and take on the might of The Hand where its power is strongest - in its home base. But in the far east, he’ll find everyone's afraid of something... even the Ghost Rider.


  • This story is reprinted in Shadowland: Street Heroes.

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