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Quote1.png You wanna fight for the soul of New York, huh? Well here it is, baby! But you an outta towner - I DON'T THINK YOU CAN HANDLE IT! Quote2.png
Power Man (Víctor Álvarez)

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Synopsis for "School of Thunder"

Deadly Nightshade and Cottonmouth have made Power Man an offer of employment and unleahed him on Iron Fist. Power seems to take the duo up on their offer, but he runs past Iron Fist and knocks out Cottonmouth. Power Man prepares to fight Deadly Nightshade, but she shrugs off his accusations, saying that the world is cruel to people like them. She promises to come back when he works this out, before knocking him and running away. Power Man prepares to give chase, but Iron Fist convinces him to stay to save Deadly Nightshade's captives - criminals and worse cops, escapees from Shadowland.

Dragging that captives out, they see a riot in progress. Iron Fist traces the cause to large-scale bad feng shui - Shadowland is throwing out the neighbourhood. The heroes are accosted by three random rioters, who have been possessed by a trio of ninjas who fought Power Man before. They say they have his cousin - and with either his blood or her's, they will restore their honor. Determined to do the right thing, Power Man grabs one of the bad cops and demands that he show him the back way to Shadowland. Iron Fist is lost in the mob.

Beneath Shadowland, the trio of ninjas are working a magic. With their chi stolen by Power Man, they cannot perform the instant self-immolation that Hand dishonor requires. So they are sacrificing their lives personally, and using the blood to summon a demonic retainer who will restore their honor.

On the way into Shadowland, Power Man is confronted by the ghost of his father - and the ghosts of his neighbours. Power Man remembers that Shadowland is built on the site of their deaths, and there wasn't enough of the bodies left to have proper burials. And their spirits are within him now, giving him his abilities. Among the throng, Power Man picks out Javier de Paz, a student of Iron Fist, from hom he acquired his martial arts skills. Power Man vows to fight for their memories.

In the chamber, Power Man confronts his cousin Sofia. She exclaims that it is obviously a trap - just before the Retainer attacks him. After a set of hard knocks, Power Man is passing out. In a haze, he sees his father's shade, making an "exploding" motion with his hands. In the last instant, Power Man sees what he means, and draws on the power of the city, the neighbourhood, and the people, places and memories of them, and uses it, turning his body into a thing of iron.

Iron Fist makes his way to Victor, having fought Daredevil. Iron Fist rescues Sofia and finds Power Man recuperating. Iron Fist offers to be Power Man's teacher, and Power Man agrees - on the condition that Iron Fist take care of his mother.

One week later, Mrs Alvarez is being shown around the Rand Foundation by Joy Meachum. It turns out that Victor has gotten a job with them, and they will be helping her from now on. Mrs Alvarez approves of this, because she wants Victor to stay out of fights.

As soon as she has left, Victor goes to the dojo behind the office. Iron Fist promises to teach him everything he knows. Victor remarks that Iron Fist respects his abilities, and he respects Danny in return. The two begin a friendly sparring session.

Solicit Synopsis

The story concludes, leading to POWER MAN & IRON FIST in January! At last: Just in time for the final assault on Shadowland, the full truth behind the new Power Man's origin is fully revealed! What is his connection to Bullseye, the Hand, and Luke Cage himself? As Iron Fist and Power Man take on Daredevil, Marvel's latest sensation has a very personal reason for storming the ninja stronghold. But will the final revelation strengthen his newfound partnership with Danny Rand—or cause him to side with the forces of darkness?

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