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Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Synopsis for "Imbalanced"

Mr. Negative tries to corrupt Shang-Chi with his powers. However, Shang-Chi gains access to Negative's powers, obtaining a negative form.

The scene flashes back ten minutes ago. Mr. Negative's criminal empire faced off against the Hand, attempting to take control of Hell's Kitchen.

As Spider-Man watches the battle between the criminals, he is approached to by Shang-Chi. He had followed Spider-Man after he sneaked away in Shadowland #3. Shang-Chi agrees to help Spider-Man in stopping Negative. Spider-Man tries to fight Negative, but Negative uses his Inner Demons to keep him busy, while he attacks Shang-Chi.

The scenes shifts to the present. Having obtained Negative's powers, Shang-Chi also obtains control of the Inner Demons, ordering them to attack Negative so that he can keep his power.

However, the Inner Demons are unsure on who they should follow, leaving them unable to react or move. Shang-Chi and Negative fight to obtain control of the Inner Demons, while Spider-Man tries to stop them.

Spider-Man manages to free Shang-Chi from the negative influence. Mr. Negative escapes and transforms back into Martin Li. Without anyone to control them, the Inner Demons escape and try to find Negative to reestablish their loyalty to him. Spider-Man and Shang-Chi then return to the fight against the Hand.

Solicit Synopsis

MR. NEGATIVE takes advantage of the chaos in SHADOWLAND by launching an all-out assault on THE HAND. Can SPIDER-MAN and SHANG-CHI stop MR. NEGATIVE and his INNER-DEMONS from adding Hell's Kitchen to his growing criminal empire? It's non-stop MARTIAL ARTS MAYHEM as the Wall-Crawler and the Master of Kung Fu face off against Daredevil's ninja army, a super-powered Chinese Tong, and one of Spidey's most dangerous foes! Watch out for this one, Marvelites! This adventure will set Shang-Chi down a new path – and leads to strange developments in the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!


  • This story is reprinted in Shadowland: Street Heroes.

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