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Synopsis for 1st story

Moon Knight, in his civilian guise, concerned about what the Hand did to all the crooks and cops in Hell's Kitchen. To find out, he vandalizes his own cab, at which the Hand ninjas quickly show up.

Meanwhile, at a soup kitchen owned by Iron Fist, he and Luke Cage discuss Daredevil's cold-blooded murder of Bullseye. Granted, he did have it coming, but it was downright wrong and Cage could see that Daredevil felt a bit of regret doing it. And all what he has done was bring fear to the streets and that's going to result in trouble. As it so happens, two patrons are getting into a scuffle, which Cage breaks up. Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, accompanied by civilian-guised Lady Bullseye, enter to say that these men, along with the rest of the customers, are going to be leaving. After a small contest about what Kingpin wants to do during this Shadowland business, he leaves, implying that they may have to take down Daredevil if they are to save Hell's Kitchen.

Inside Shadowland, Tarantula approaches Daredevil, who is feeling no remorse for killing Bullseye. And now, he wants to recruit any costumed heroes and have them swear allegiance to the Hand, so that they may stand against the powers-that-be. If they are not with him, they are against him.

In Midtown, Lady Bullseye have retrieved a scroll for Kingpin from the Hand to summon their bane: the Zugaikotsu. As soon as he enacts the enchantment, something fiery bursts through the windows. He then asks the unknown person to enact vengeance.

Meanwhile, Cage and Iron Fist have gathered other street-level heroes such as Shang-Chi, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing to get inside Shadowland and talk to Daredevil. To do that, they pretended to accept Daredevil's offer of allegiance. When he learns their true intentions, he declares that there's nothing to discuss. Misty argues that if he thinks that he can lock down New York and kick out all the cops, then he needs a reality check. Though Daredevil claims that his ninja are under strict orders not to kill, she challenges his claim, citing what he did to Bullseye. He defends that he was doing what was necessary for the greater good. The other also challenge his claims and state that what he's doing is downright wrong. Even Spider-Man, entering through the rooftops, offers his personal opinion that wearing a black costume never ends wells.

Down in the dungeons, Moon Knight has found that the Hand has locked up police and crooks. He then regurgitates some lock picks he swallowed earlier to escape and find the lay of the land before he releases everyone else. But as soon as he gets out, the Ghost Rider comes riding through the stockade. Learning of this disturbance, Daredevil presumes that his so-called "friends" were plotting against him. He orders his Hand subordinates to take them: dead or alive.

Solicit Synopsis

SHADOWLAND Vol 1 2 (of 5) Written by ANDY DIGGLE Penciled by BILLY TAN Cover by JOHN CASSADAY EVIL DAREDEVIL VARIANT COVER by JOHN CASSADAY The battle for New York begins as battle lines are drawn and war forges strange allies. Luck Cage, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Moon Knight and…Kingpin?! Plus, a dangerous new player enters the battle, one that could win the fight…or damn all of New York!

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