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Quote1.png There is no Murdock! There is only the Beast! Quote2.png
The Beast speaking through Daredevil.

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Synopsis for 1st story

As the people of Hell's Kitchen tear at each other, in the Shadowland, Elektra finds one of the palace's access tunnels. Once she confirmed that only Daredevil and the Hand ninja standing guard know of its existence, she quickly slews them. She then opens the tunnel, only to find Luke Cage, Wolverine, the Punisher, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Master Izo and Shang-Chi standing in it. The plan for them is to knock some sense into Daredevil, or kill him as a last resort.

Meanwhile, Kingpin and Lady Bullseye view the carnage spreading throughout New York City. The former views that all this destruction is merely a symbol of the change. The latter asks that he let her join the fight, to which Kingpin assures her that it will come in due time. As the two get into a chopper to prepare for the endgame, Lady Bullseye confides to Kingpin that he may lose New York. However, Kingpin isn't worried, for he won't need it anymore.

Inside the Shadowland, the street heroes are formulating a plan to strike at Daredevil before he resurrects Bullseye. Spider-Man's spider-sense then starts "ringing like a four-alarm fire here...". Izo and Elektra deduces that the will of the Beast of the Hand that is spreading all around. The Punisher asks why can't they simply shoot Daredevil. The answer from Elektra is that if it were that simple, she would've already slit his throat. Izo explains that there is still a chance that they can free Daredevil from the the Beast, but they may have no choice once they get to him. They interrupt the resurrection ritual. They distract Daredevil as they fight through his ninja, before the Punisher throws a stun grenade at him, giving Wolverine the opportunity to stab him with his claws. But inexplicably, Daredevil is able to pull the claws out and throws Wolverine against a pillar. The Punisher starts shooting, all shots which missed. Typhoid Mary attempts to use her pyrokinesis against him, only to be webbed up by Spidey. The wallcrawler then uses all of his abilities at his disposal in an attempt to incapacitate Daredevil. Everyone else then tries pinning him down, as Elektra tries to get through to Daredevil. But the voice coming out proclaims, "There is no Murdock! There is only the Beast!"

Solicit Synopsis

The final battle for the soul of New York erupts in Hell's Kitchen, and Daredevil is on the front lines...Hell, he IS the front line! Backed by the full power of the Hand, Daredevil is now more than a match for New York's strongest heroes. With a new right-hand man, Matt Murdock will finally show those who stand against him what it truly means to be a Man Without Fear!

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