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Appearing in "Shadowland, Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Shadowland, Part 5"

Hell's Kitchen is in chaos. Riots have spread and the NYPD aren't able to contain them. Mayor Jonah J. Jameson can only wonder where the Avengers are when they need them.

Meanwhile, Foggy Nelson is attempting to scale the Shadowland, but accidentally falls. Luckily, he is caught by the Ghost Rider, who leaves him on the roof. The Ghost Rider then goes into to face the Beast-possessed Daredevil but finds that he's now invulnerable to his powers. Daredevil then drains Ghost Rider of his fire.

White Tiger soon brings Foggy before Daredevil and relishes the thought of slitting his throat. However, Daredevil desires to do the job himself. Foggy pleads with his old friend, managing to get through to him. With Daredevil distracted, the heroes rise up. Master Izo knocks out White Tiger while Iron Fist uses all his focused chi against Daredevil, his healing internal conflict inside to stop the Beast. Elektra reaches into his mind and clears it of self-doubt. In his mind, she gives him a sword to stab himself with and cleanse himself of the darkness. Immediately after he does that, the people of Hell's Kitchen come to their senses, as if lifted from an evil spell. As the heroes turn to restore the city to normal, Foggy points out to them that Daredevil's body is missing. The scene changes to Elektra, who finds Daredevil's discarded mask.

Some time later, Kingpin meets with Typhoid Mary and gains control of her with a trigger phrase that unlocks a fourth personality, enabling him to gain control of the Hand.

Meanwhile, Matt Murdock comes to a church to confess his sins to the holy father.

Solicit Synopsis

With the help of his former enemy-turned-champion, Daredevil has thwarted his former friends and finds himself prepared to claim all of New York for himself. The chaos of Shadowland has reached a boiling point, and Daredevil himself may not survive to see the result!

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