The Shaggy Men were highly evolved lizards that were created by a scientist loyal to Imperial Japan during World War II. Using an evolutionary machine on his artificial island off the coast of Australia, the scientist evolved ordinary lizards into the ape-like creatures. He then implanted a metal disc in the back of their necks to control them. When reporters Jack Casey, Jeff Mace, and Mary Morgan were forced to crash their plane near the island, the Shaggy Men captured them and turned them over to their master for experimentation.

The Japanese scientist then sent the creatures to invade Australia. Eventually, Jeff Mace broke free and, in his costumed identity of the Patriot, defeated the Japanese scientist devolving him into a lizard. The Patriot then used the machine to revert the Shaggy Men back to their original forms, the strain of the transformation caused the lizards heads to explode. The machine the Japanese scientist invented was then destroyed.[1]

If any of the Shaggy Men managed to avoid reversion back to their original evolutionary state remains to be seen.

Powers and Abilities


Enhanced strength


The Ape Men are completely enslaved by control discs in the back of their necks.


Habitat: Earth like
Gravity: Earth like
Atmosphere: Earth like


Level of Technology: None, they were armed with Japanese weapons that were commonly used during World War II
Cultural Traits: Slaves

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