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Shagreen was a powerful sorcerer whose reputation had inspired awe and fear from all those around him. Operating from his floating fortress L'un Dun-T'wn, Shagreen practiced various dark enchantments and gained his power through sacrificing human victims to dark god known as Cthuma-Gurath. In order to adequately protect his power base, he created two large stone serpents to guard the front gates of his fortress from enemy intruders. However, the serpents were not enough to keep a mischievous race of creatures known as Boggies from invading Shagreen's home.

Shagreen discovered the Boggies' presence and coveted their innate powers of teleportation. To keep them in line, he erected a mystic ward, which prevented the imps from ever leaving L'un Dun-T'wn. What Shagreen didn't know however, was that the Boggies also possessed the ability to disappear through reflective surfaces. Although they were trapped inside his castle, they could effectively hide from him by jumping into any of the various mirrors located throughout the building.

Years passed, and Shagreen came no closer towards discovering the art of teleportation. One fateful day, a pirate by the name Long John McGurk delivered to him a mutant from an alternate dimension known as Nightcrawler. Shagreen paid McGurk ten-thousand gold pieces for the strange individual and soon learned that Nightcrawler shared many physical characteristics with the diminutive Boggies, including their gift of teleportation. He attached Nightcrawler to a device that negated his abilities, allowing the sorcerer to study him at length.

When Shagreen left his chamber, the Boggies entered the room from the various mirrors and freed Nightcrawler. They explained to him how they came to be prisoners in the castle, and asked for his assistance in setting them free.

While Nightcrawler and the Boggies wandered the caverns of L'un Dun-T'wn, Shagreen busied himself with his offerings to Cthuma-Gurath. He instructed a group of his loyal disciples to travel to the royal city of Bel Amee Anora and kidnap a princess known as Jinjav Sabree. They brought her back to L'un Dun-T'wn where Shagreen prepared to sacrifice her to his demonic god.

Nightcrawler learned of the Jinjav's dilemma and mounted a rescue effort to free her. Shagreen used the power of his magic staff to animate his serpent guardians, ordering them to attack Nightcrawler. While Nightcrawler battled with the stone snakes, Shagreen found his fortune turning from bad to worse.

Long John McGurk discovered that Shagreen short-changed him for the purchase of Nightcrawler and decided to mete out his own revenge. Piloting his sky-galleon the T'ai Javinee, he laid siege to L'un Dun-T'wn.

As the ramparts shook from mortar fire, Nightcrawler faced Shagreen in his alter room. He reasoned that a large portion of the sorcerer's power stemmed from his magic staff, so he daringly disarmed his opponent and destroyed the staff. Unfortunately for Shagreen, the staff's magic was responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of L'un Dun-T'wn. As the eldritch energy dissipated, the walls of the fortress crumbled to the ground. [citation needed]

Shagreen grabbed Jinjav Sabree and escaped the citadel’s destruction by way of his personal sky-galleon. Shagreen controlled a giant, flying squid, which anchored itself to his ship and guided it through the clouds across the sky. Nightcrawler gave chase and the two engaged in a sword fight on top of the squid's massive back. Nightcrawler proved successful, and Shagreen toppled from the top of his perch, seemingly to his death. He still maintained a small measure of natural magic however, and succeeded in opening a dimensional rift that transported him to another world.[citation needed]

Shagreen appeared in a fairy tale environment populated by Pinies, Trolls and Bamfs. Within a short period of time, he established a new sanctuary for himself and began scheming upon a fresh plan of conquest. Shagreen discovered that the impish Bamfs were very similar to the Boggies from his native world. He constructed a new power staff and used its magic to capture mass hordes of the tiny creatures. He secured the female Bamfs in a dungeon and cast a spell that fused all of the male Bamfs into a towering monster known only as Dark Bamf. [citation needed]

As luck would have it, Nightcrawler appeared on this world as well, and soon found himself crossing swords with Shagreen once again. This time though, Nightcrawler had allied himself with a troupe of adventurers, who (coincidentally enough) were fairy tale dimensional counterparts of his teammates, the X-Men. He fought valiantly to rescue not only the imprisoned Bamfs, but Jinjav Sabree as well. Shagreen captured the mutant and held him captive within the arms of a living dungeon chamber. While Nightcrawler struggled to free himself, Shagreen engaged in battle with a genie named the Wind-Rider (a dimensional doppelganger of the Earth-hero, Storm). [citation needed]

Nightcrawler escaped and managed to secure Shagreen's second power-staff. He smashed the jewel-tipped end of the shaft, robbing Shagreen of his source of power. The other X-Men doppelgangers easily captured the sorcerer and took him into custody. The Dark Bamf separated back into a tribe of smaller Bamfs and Jinjav Sabree was finally safe. The reign of Shagreen the sorcerer had finally come to an end.[citation needed]

Shagreen's current whereabouts, and whether he ever escaped from his captors is as of yet, unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[1]
Energy Projection6
Fighting Skills4
* Shagreen is a teleporter


Shagreen can call upon a great many magical spells, including incantations enabling him to repel opponents and hurl mystical bolts of energy. He draws upon his power by offering ritual sacrifices to the dark god Cthuma-Gurath. The full extent of Shagreen's mystical prowess has never been measured.


In addition to his magical capabilities, Shagreen was an able-bodied swordsman.

Physical Strength

Shagreen possesses physical strength greater than that of the average Earth human. The total amount of weight that Shagreen is capable of lifting is unknown.



Shagreen focuses his power through a magic staff, which greatly amplifies his own innate abilities. A large percentage of the sorcerer's magical effects are produced through this weapon


Shagreen pilots an atmospheric sky galleon held aloft by a giant, alien flying squid.


Shagreen suffers from a speech impediment, which forces him to make a hissing sound, dragging out words that contain the letter "S". Whether this characteristic is demonstrative of his race or is exclusive to Shagreen only has yet to be revealed.


“Shagreen” is an actual word, fittingly meaning sharkskin, or more precisely, “the rough skin of various sharks and rays when covered with small close-set tubercles”.

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