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Early Life[]

Shalla-Bal lived on the idyllic world of Zenn-La nestled in the Deneb System of the Milky Way Galaxy. She first encountered Norrin Radd in the depths of his mourning after losing his mother. Following Zenn-Lavian tradition, she extended companionship to the grieving child. However, Norrin's initial response was one of cold indifference, refusing even the simplest of greetings before walking away, leaving Shalla-Bal perplexed and saddened by his detachment.[4] He fell in love with her from that day onwards[5] One day, Norrin confided his dreams to his classmates: he longed to journey among the stars. Instead of support, he faced ridicule for what they deemed foolish aspirations. Only Shalla-Bal stood by him, unwavering in her belief.[6] She stood by him as he dreamed about the future.[7] They secretly shared their first kiss in his parents garden.[8]

Over the passing years, their relationship remained strained as Norrin immersed himself in his pursuits, prioritizing his work over the blossoming affection Shalla-Bal held for him. Despite his efforts, Norrin struggled to convey his love to Shalla-Bal, as his actions often spoke louder than his words. While she perceived the depth of his affection, it was eclipsed by the weight of his other responsibilities and priorities.[9] Even in the aftermath of Norrin's father's tragic demise, Shalla-Bal remained steadfast by his side, unwavering in her commitment.[10]

Coming of Galactus[]

However, their bond faced its ultimate test when the cosmic entity known as Galactus, the "Devourer of Worlds" descended upon Zenn-La, threatening its existence. In a selfless act, Norrin Radd volunteered to serve as Galactus' herald in exchange for sparing their cherished planet. Bestowed with the unfathomable power of the Cosmic Power, he transformed into the enigmatic Silver Surfer, a decision that would lead to his prolonged separation from Shalla-Bal.[11] [12][13] She mourned for her lost love believing she would never see him again.[9]

At this precise moment, a temporal disruption unfolded, when the Grandmaster dispatched the Hulk to enlist the Silver Surfer, recently altered by Galactus. Just as Shalla-Bal bid farewell to her beloved, the Hulk intervened, seeking aid for the Grandmaster's contest.[14] The timeline converged again as Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo engaged in aerial combat on Zenn-La outside Shalla-Bal's window much to her confusion during this devastating time.[15]

Destruction and Resurrection of Zenn-La[]

In the Earth year 1947, a cataclysmic event unfolded as the enigmatic entity known as the Other descended upon the serene world of Zenn-La. With unfathomable power, they razed every living soul and structure upon the planet's surface, indiscriminately snuffing out the lives of beings. Shalla-Bal was on the world at the time dying amongst the screams of her people. This devastating onslaught left Galactus, the cosmic devourer, and his herald, the Silver Surfer, in a state of shock.[16]

After the cataclysmic destruction of Zenn-La, Galactus found himself severed from his bond and word with the Silver Surfer, his most trusted herald and indispensable guide to the planets rich with life, the very sustenance he needed to survive. Realizing the gravity of losing both his herald and his primary source of sustenance, Galactus resolved to wield his immense cosmic power to reshape reality itself. In an awe-inspiring display of cosmic might, Galactus embarked on a monumental endeavor to resurrect Zenn-La from the ashes, restoring every facet of its existence down to the minutest detail, ensuring that not even an atom remained unaccounted for. This resurrection included the Surfer's cherished companion, Shalla-Bal. He erased his memory and they continued their never ending journey to feed the devourer of worlds.[16]


In time, defying Galactus led the Surfer to exile on Earth. Sensing his torment, the demon Mephisto sought to manipulate him, using Shalla-Bal as a pawn. Mephisto promised to reunite her with Norrin Radd if she obeyed him, leading to her journey to Earth. Amidst the chaos caused by the Surfer's actions, Shalla-Bal's ship was damaged, and she was gravely injured. The Surfer revived her, but Mephisto intervened and whisked her away.In Mephisto's underworld, he aimed not just to kill the Surfer but to enslave him. The Surfer, however, confronted Mephisto, refusing to succumb to his temptations. Despite Mephisto's attacks and attempts to control him, the Surfer's purity ultimately forced Mephisto to release him.Facing Mephisto's threat to send Shalla-Bal back to Zenn-La, both she and the Surfer understood that her return was necessary to thwart Mephisto's plan. Thus, Mephisto's scheme was foiled, but his desire to conquer the Surfer remained unabated.[17] Mephisto later used an illusions of Shalla-Ball to torture the Surfer's dreams.[18]

Yarro Gort[]

To locate Norrin Radd, Shalla-Bal enlisted the help of Zenn-La's top scientist, Yarro Gort. Gort agreed, hoping to prove that the Silver Surfer is either deceased or has moved on romantically. Despite Shalla-Bal's disbelief, she agreed to marry Gort if this proved true, prompting him to construct a ship for their journey to Earth. Seeking to understand humanity, the Surfer ventured to a South American town under occupation. After rescuing a villager named Maria and facing off against the oppressive forces, Maria's grateful kiss is witnessed by Shalla-Bal and Yarro as they arrive on Earth.[19] The General's army, still reeling from their encounter with the Silver Surfer, reacts with panic upon spotting Shalla-Bal's approached spaceship. They shoot it down, leading Yarro and Shalla-Bal to crash land and be captured by El Capitan. Meanwhile, the Surfer discovered the damaged ship, realizing its origin from Zenn-La. Puzzled by the identity of its occupants, he contemplated their purpose on Earth. Yarro stuck a deal with El Capitan, offering Zenn-Lavian technology in exchange for his life. Intrigued by the promise of weapons capable of defeating the Surfer, El Capitan brought Yarro to meet the General. As tensions escalated between the General's army and the local rebels, Maria reveald the Surfer's alliance with the Underground, diffusing the immediate conflict. Frustrated by humanity's perpetual violence, the Surfer departed in disillusionment. Yarro demonstrated his weapons to the General just as the Underground launched an attack. In the chaos, Shalla-Bal intervened to protect the Surfer, but was tragically shot by El Capitan. Enraged, the Surfer retaliated, obliterating the aggressors and ending the conflict. Realizing Shalla-Bal's injuries are beyond Earth's capabilities to heal, the Surfer repaired the spaceship and sends her back to Zenn-La for treatment, despite his reluctance to see her leave.[20]

Return of Mephisto[]

Mephisto allows the Surfer threw the galactic barrier and returned to Zenn-La, but is shocked to find that his beloved Shalla-Bal had been captured by Mephisto. Returning to Earth, the two engaged in an intense battle that attracts the attention of Nick Fury. Mephisto told the Surfer that the longer he resists him, the more Shalla-Bal will suffer. The Surfer agrees to do his bidding in order to save her. Mephisto orders him to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. so that Shalla-Bal may live.[21] Prior to complying with Mephisto's demands, the Silver Surfer endeavors to locate Shalla-Bal's whereabouts. Frustrated by his inability to find her, he reluctantly concluded that he must confront S.H.I.E.L.D. to rescue her. Despite S.H.I.E.L.D. thwarting his initial assault, the Surfer discerned Mephisto's sinister intent—to manipulate him into inadvertently harming Shalla-Bal. Realizing this deception, the Surfer redirects his fury towards Mephisto, sparking a fierce battle. Amidst the chaos, Shalla-Bal vanished, leaving the Silver Surfer with no choice but to retreat.[22]

Doctor Doom[]

She was later dropped in Latveria by Mephisto in the care of Doctor Doom, erasing her memory and changing her name to Helena leaving her loyal to him.[23] He contacted the Surfer with an ultimatum to annihilate the Fantastic Four or risk never reuniting with Shalla-Bal. Despite his remorse, the Surfer reluctantly prepared to carry out Doom's orders, leaving the heroes cornered and facing imminent destruction.[2] The Surfer, unable to directly confront the Fantastic Four to liberate Shalla-Bal from Dr. Doom's grip, instead ensnares them in a trance and delivers them to Doom's doorstep. Although they managed to break free from Doom's confinement and dismantle his Doombots, it becomes apparent that Doom's true intention was merely to stall them. His ultimate aim is to harness the Surfer's Power Cosmic, allowing him to fashion a duplicate capable of annihilating the Fantastic Four.[24] Doctor Doom successfully transferred the Silver Surfer's Cosmic Power into a newly constructed android and swiftly dispatched it to attack the Fantastic Four. Meanwhile, the Surfer endeavors to jog Shalla-Bal's memory and remind her of their past together. Though she recalled the name Norrin Radd, she also recollected being a humble villager before Doom ensnared her in his machinations. Realizing her altered state, the Surfer hastened to aid the Fantastic Four in combatting the cosmic-powered Doomsman II. With his assistance, they vanquish Doom's latest creation. As the heroes departed from Doom's fortress leaving her behind, Mephisto observed from the shadows.[23]

Galactus' Revenge[]

Amidst the turmoil, Galactus, in retribution for the Silver Surfer's defiance, devoured the life force and ecosystem of Zenn-La. However, he mercifully warned the planet's inhabitants in advance, enabling them to evacuate before their world became a desolate shell. Upon his liberation by Mister Fantastic, the Surfer returned to Zenn-La, discovering its desolation and learning of Shalla-Bal's abduction by Mephisto. With newfound clarity, he journeyed to Latveria, determined to rescue Shalla-Bal, yet choosing to imprison himself on Earth once more. Before Shalla-Bal's return to Zenn-La, the Surfer imbued her with a fragment of his Power Cosmic. With this gift, she revitalized Zenn-La's barren landscape, restoring life to her homeworld.[3]

Empress of Zenn-La[]

Shalla-Bal was embraced as Empress of Zenn-La by her people, a position she reluctantly assumed due to the weighty responsibilities it entailed.[25] When the Silver Surfer finally liberated himself from Earth's confines for good, he sought to rekindle their romance.However, the burdens of her imperial duties led Shalla-Bal to decline his proposal, prompting the Surfer to declare their love affair over.[26] Later, she found herself held captive by the Elders, only to be rescued by the Silver Surfer himself.[27]

Later, as part of her duties Empress Shalla-Bal was granted a meeting with the Kree leader, Nenora.[28] Concerned for Zenn-La's safety, she beseeched the Surfer to shield their world from the impending threat of the Obliterator.[29] Joining forces with Skrull Empress S'byll in opposition to the Kree, Shalla received a revelation from the Cotati exposing Nenora's true identity as a disguised Skrull. Despite being apprehended by Nenora's Kree Sentry, Shalla was liberated by the Cotati. Armed with this knowledge, she divulged Nenora's deception to S'byll and the Surfer, who aided in her return to Zenn-La.[30]

The Enslaver[]

The Enslaver ruthlessly seized control of Zenn-La, subjecting its people to oppression and servitude. Among the unfortunate captives was Shalla Bal, who found herself unwillingly ensnared in Mrrungo-Mu's harem. However, their tyrannical rule faced a formidable challenge when Mrrungo-Mu ventured to Earth, only to be thwarted by the planet's valiant heroes and the resolute Silver Surfer. In the aftermath of this victory, the Surfer joyously reunited with his beloved Shalla Bal, escorting her back to the safety and freedom of their cherished homeworld of Zenn-La.[31]

Great One[]

Shalla Bal encountered a mysterious cosmic entity known as the Great One, who offered to protect her home, Zenn-La, by incorporating it into his consciousness. Intrigued by the promise of everlasting peace, Shalla Bal accepted, leading to a transformation for her world. Zenn-La flourished within the Great One's mind, untouched by worldly troubles. However, the Silver Surfer, driven by memories of his lost love and longing for Zenn-La's tranquility, sought to find his home. With the help of Moondragon and her Mind Gem, he entered the ethereal realm where Zenn-La resided. Reunited with Shalla Bal, the Silver Surfer pledged to defend their sanctuary. But their peace was shattered when the Great One saw the Surfer as a threat, leading to a cataclysmic battle that ended the Great One's existence, endangering reality itself. The Silver Surfer and Moondragon worked together to restore order, attempting to bring back the manifestations from the Great One's mind. Amidst the chaos, tragedy struck as Shalla Bal's fate hung in uncertainty, trapped between existence and oblivion.[32]


As grief and blame engulfed the citizens of Zenn-La, they turned on the Silver Surfer, casting him out into the void of space. Bereft with guilt, the Surfer found an unexpected ally in Adam Warlock, who offered a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. Together with the Infinity Watch, they embarked on a perilous journey into the depths of Hell itself, daring to defy the lord of the underworld, Mephisto, in a desperate bid to retrieve Shalla-Bal's soul and restore her to life. The mission was a success and he returned his beloved home once again.[33]

Fennan Radd[]

Shalla-Bal entered into a relationship with Fennan Radd Norrin's half-brother and later confided in Norrin that, despite her appreciation for his heroic deeds, she desired a partner who could be present to share in the everyday moments of life with her. Fennan held firm beliefs that the Zenn-Lavians were becoming complacent and stagnant, and he aimed to revitalize their society. Utilizing Shalla Bal as his ally, he plotted to enact transformative changes within their once illustrious civilization.[34]

Zenn-La's Keeper of the Great Truth[]

At some point in time, Shalla Bal became Zenn-La's Keeper of the Great Truth, and embarked in a journey to spread the perfection of her planet's culture throughout the universe by employing the powerful Illuminatrix. She even rewrote The Thing's mind and turned him into her herald.[35]

When she targeted the Earth, she found the opposition of the Silver Surfer, who refused her offer to join her. When she managed to enthrall some of Earth's heroes and made them fight the Surfer, Norrin saw himself with less and less time to try to revert the Illuminatrix's conversion. As a last resort, the Surfer used all of his Power Cosmic to destroy the Illuminatrix, an action that caused all of Zenn-La's culture to be erased from the universe, including Zenn-La itself.[36]

Shalla-Bal and the Zenn-Lavian armada proceeded to target the Silver Surfer when he was in a hospital recovering from his heroic sacrifice, in revenge for having erased any and every trace of Zenn-La's culture. A group of several heroes held the line, but Shalla-Bal still managed to get to Silver Surfer. When she confronted him, Shalla-Bal punished the Surfer with the ultimate penalty, to no longer recognize him as a Zenn-Lavian. After giving her sentence, Shalla-Bal and her armada left the Earth.[37]



  • Longevity: Zenn-Lavians naturally enjoy extended lifespans, a trait inherent to their species.[1]
  • Power Cosmic: Harnessing the formidable "Power Cosmic," she possessed the extraordinary ability to rejuvenate Zenn-La's fragile ecosystem merely with a touch, ushering in lush new plant life wherever her footsteps tread. Through the mastery of the Power Cosmic, she could project a telepathic distress signal spanning the expanse of the universe, reaching out to other cosmic entities, notably the revered Silver Surfer. Alternatively, she could channel this cosmic force through Zenn-La's verdant flora to establish contact with beings intricately linked to plant life. Despite her incredible powers, the cosmic energy that once empowered her gradually waned over time.[1]


  • Leadership: Shalla-Bal exemplified qualities of altruism, bravery, and natural leadership. Her unwavering loyalty to her people drove her to selflessly risk her life in their defense.[1]



  • Illuminatrix: Shalla-Bal wields a fusion of magic and technology, often referred to as "magi-tech," possesses the unique ability to absorb the essence of all forms of art and cultural expression. This absorbed culture can then be utilized to empower individuals, granting them the abilities and traits of fictional characters, myths, and legends.[38]

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