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Shalla-Bal's original appearance

When Galactus returned to Zenn-La to finally devour it, Shalla-Bal rushed to Galactus intent on wanting to learn what had happened to her former love Norrin Radd. Galactus told Shalla-Bal about Radd's exile on Earth for betraying him, and she, wanting to save her planet and find Radd, asked him to make her his new herald if he spared her planet again. Galactus agreed, and transformed her into Starglow. He also stripped Shalla-Bal of her memories in order to not go through a similar situation that he had with the Surfer.

Norrin Radd, having found a way to return to Zenn-La with aid from the Fantastic Four, was devastated that his former love did not recognize him and Galactus, having a sense of grief over his herald's new loss, returned Radd to his Silver Surfer form. Again not wanting to repeat the past, Galactus also created a barrier around Zenn-La in order to prevent the Surfer from leaving. Starglow then left with Galactus.[1]


Starglow possesses powers similar to those of the Silver Surfer

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