The alien that was later referred to as the Shambler haled from another world. When his people tried to visit the Earth in 1908, they crash landed in Tunguska, Siberia, Russia causing a massive explosion that Earth historians later called the Tunguska event.[1]

Nighthawk & The Fantastic Four

Coming to Earth on its own, the Shambler was trapped in stone in the Himalayan mountains. This stone was unearthed by explorers under the employ of Richmond Enterprises who brought it back to their headquarters in England. There the Shambler was inadvertently freed. Its escape was witnessed by Kyle Richmond -- secretly the hero known as Nighthawk -- and the Fantastic Four's Thing. Seeing them as a threat, the Shambler knocked them out by emitting smoke from its mouth and fled into the country side. There is frightened a young girl who told her father about the creature. He and a colleague then went hunting the creature to try and kill it, thinking the Shambler to be a menace. When a nearby orphanage caught fire, the Shambler risked its life to save the children from the burning building, but this was not enough to convince the angry hunters of the Shambler's good will and it was gunned down before the Thing and Nighthawk could stop them. The senseless murder of the alien creature left those gathered to question who really were the monsters that night. [1]


The Shambler was able to emit smoke from its mouth that could knock out any target it deemed a threat.

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