Shane was a gang leader in L.A., when Jubilee tried to convince a member of his crew to quit. Shane confronted her at school, but Jubilee convinced him to allow Charlie to get a good education. After Jubilee had left, he expressed his attraction to her to one of his fellow gang members. Jubilee later came to him, asking for help in finding her teacher's stolen car. During their search, he and Jubilee took down a drug dealer, and each discovered that the other was a mutant. He and Jubilee went on a date, which ended with the destruction of her Aunt Hope's house and the apparent death of Hope.


Shane can shoot "energy lasers" from his fingers. If he releases energy from all his fingers at once, the energy is less intense.


He has excellent aim with his 'lasers'.


A red car with "High Roller" written on the side.

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