The past history of Shang-Chi of Earth-79816 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the day his father Fu Manchu would send him to assassinate Dr. James Petrie. In this reality, Shang-Chi would complete his mission without being stopped by Sir Nayland Smith and as such remain loyal to his father.

Although uneasy with the idea of killing people to meet his fathers supposed goals of bringing about world peace through restoring traditional Chinese feudalism to the world, Shang-Chi would accompany a group of Si-Fan warriors to Highgate Cemetery in London to recover bodies of five Diacots that were killed twenty years earlier by Smith and his followers. Shang-Chi would end up clashing with Smith's allies Blackjack Tarr, Clive Reston and Leiko Wu before succeeding in his mission. He would be horrified to learn that his father intended to use his Elixir Viate to resurrect the dead men into nearly unstoppable warriors for the purposes of slaughtering the British royal family in a bid to take over London.

Unwilling to see innocents be killed, Shang-Chi would disobey his fathers ordered sequestering to travel to Buckingham Palace to stop Fu Manchu and his Dacoits of Death from succeeding in their mission. There Shang-Chi would help Nayland Smith and his men stop the attack, however he would be horrified by Clive Reston's use of flame throwers to incinerate the Dacoits. Confronting his father, Shang-Chi would renounce his father and vow to stop him, however Fu Manchu would escape. After the British authorities finished gathering up the capture Si-Fan members, Smith would offer Shang-Chi a position in his task force to stop Fu Manchu. Shang-Chi would refuse to join, finding Smith's methods no different than his father and he would strike out on his own to stop his father.

Shang-Chi's present activities are unknown.

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