Shang-Chi of Earth-9997's history mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history, Shang-Chi would join the Asian super-hero team called Xen and take on the identity of Tao, to signify the balance the balance of good and evil between himself and his father Fu-Manchu. During his time with Xen, he was charged with protecting a portion of the Absorbing Man's body left in the care of Lord Sunfire prior to his death.
Aside from being protectors of the Asian continent, Xen would also be charged with protecting the comatose body of Stephen Strange and protecting their portion of the Absorbing Man. However, the Tong of Creel would succeed in collecting the portions from Tao. Much later, Xen would travel to Asgard to aid the revived Stephen Strange in rescuing Clea. This led to Tao and the others battling numerous varieties of Asgardian species sent to destroy them by Odin. Eventually, they would be returned to Earth, where Xen would have to work together to destroy the reanimated corpse of Fin Fang Foom. Although Xen worked together to stop the creature and ultimately destroyed, relationships between the members of Xen and their leader remained strained. Tao's current whereabouts are presently unknown.


Tao at least has the same abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart. It is unknown if the Terrigen Mist had any effect on Tao or not. He was armed with the hands of the Absorbing Man which he fashioned into a pair of nunchucks.


Seemingly those of Shang-Chi of Earth-616.

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