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Quote1.png Son, I once had a younger sibling too. A brother whom I loved dearly. But men like you and me, we cannot afford the luxury of ordinary human bonds. Our mission is too important. If we lose our focus, an entire nation of people will suffer for generations. Life taught me this lesson in the cruelest of ways. Your sister is gone, Shang-Chi. But take comfort in knowing that I honored your request. I showed mercy. Quote2.png
-- Zheng Zu

Appearing in "Brothers & Sisters: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Brothers & Sisters: Part Two"

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Shang-Chi may have finally met his match in the form of this strange new assailant, Sister Hammer – BUT WHO IS SHE REALLY? Find out in this shocking reunion!


Zheng Zu's retreat (the House of the Deadly Hand) is stated to be in Hunan Province, and the scenery resembles the Wulingyuan region. However, Master of Kung Fu consistently placed Shang Chi's childhood in Honan (now spelled Henan).

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