Shango is one of the Òrìshàs, a race of extra-dimensional beings once worshipped as Gods in Africa.[4]

In ancient times, the Vodu descended on Earth and founded the city of Ife. Shango briefly acted as the ruler of Oyo (Both in today's Nigeria).[1]

In modern times, Shangó fought alongside with thunder and sun deities from other pantheons against Demogorge, but was consumed by him. He and his fellows were rescued by the Asgardian thunder god Thor.[1][5]

Shangó alongside with other Orishas is the patron of the Cuban-American vigilante group The Santerians. He gave Chango the power to generate electricity.[1]


Shango possesses the conventional superhuman physical attributes of his fellow Vodu gods, but with enhanced strength enabling him to lift about 50 tons.[1]

  • Weather Manipulation: As the God of the Storm, Shango has divine authority over the storm and lightning on par with Thor Odinson.[5]
  • Fire Generation: As the God of Fire Shango has the ability to generate and control fire & heat at extremely high temperatures and for a variety of effects.[5]
  • Blessing: Shango is capable of bestowing abilities and powers on mortals he chooses to bless, As he did with Chango of the Santerians.[6]


Formidable hand-to-hand combatant.[1]

Strength level

Shango is able to lift about 50 tons.[1]


Blessed Ofo Rod who protects him from physical damage on Earth.[1]


He rides black storm clouds.[1]


  • Oshé: Mystical double-headed axe to summon thunder and lightning.[1]
  • Hunga Munga: Throwing irons capable of piercing nearly any substance.[1]

Shango also appeared in the DC Universe.[7]

  • His name is pronounced 'shahn-GO'.[8]

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