Shangri-La (or Shambhala as it is traditionally known) is believed to be a mythical kingdom of Tibetan Buddhist tradition, located in the Himalayan mountains. On Earth-616, Shangri-La really exists.

Accounts suggest that it was founded by the Vision who presided over its people as their ruler and was the defender of the Pillow of Life and Death and that he eventually taught Leme-Tel, a Tibetan monk, as his successor.[1]

However, these accounts are a direct contradiction to the the Vision's first appearance on Earth.[2] In the summer of 1943, Shangri-La was visited by Imperial Japanese forces whom sought the secrets of life and death for their leader Emperor Hirohito. This attempt was foiled by the Vision and led to the spies' deaths. Leme-Tel was mortally wounded by healed by the Pillow and told by the Vision that he would live until he found a worth successor.[1]


Leme Tel, apparently formerly the Vision


Shangri-La also appears in Tales of Suspense #31, (7/62)3rd story, Journey Into Unknown Worlds #55, (3/57)6th story, and Journey Into Unknown Worlds #50, (10/56)2nd story.

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