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Appearing in "The Sahara Connection"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • El Montano (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • El Montano's Slavers
    • Abdullah (Death)
  • El Montano's Guard Wolves

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • French Moon Shot

Synopsis for "The Sahara Connection"

A group of slavers assails the Fulani tribe, taking several prisoners and murdering one man who fought back. Nearby, SHIELD agent Jakuna Singh visits Shanna and Patrick McShane, to warn Shanna about the slaver behind the recent raid, El Montano, who also plans to steal a French-design rocket as it lifts off into space.

Shanna agrees to help and is transported by SHIELD helicopter to the northern Sahara, where she dons a disguise as a local women and plans to infiltrate the slaver’s camp. Discovered, she fights the slavers alongside Ina and Biri, but she is soon overpowered, chloroformed, and tied up for delivery to El Montano. Imprisoned in his underground palace, Shanna orders her leopards to cut her bonds with their teeth, freeing her. To escape from the cell, she pretends that the leopards are attacking her, causing the guard, who has been instructed to keep her safe, to rush in. Shanna allows her leopards to kill him, and they escape.

She stealthily navigates El Montano's underground labyrinth and finds him in a command center planning his heist of the rocket, which, he reveals, secretly contains a billion dollars worth of heroin, planted there by a bribed French engineer. Shanna attacks him before he can issue the command to ground the rocket; stealing a machine gun she blasts El Montano’s command center to pieces.

After Shanna and her leopards defeat his henchmen, El Montano runs away, and unleashes several Siberian wolves on the pursuing Shanna. Shanna kills the first one who attacks her, and swings its body around to bludgeon the others. Fleeing again, El Montano falls into a pit where he keeps unruly slaves, who attack him viciously. Jakuna Singh arrives with French soldiers; he tells Shanna the rocket successfully reached orbit and he gives Shanna a lift back to her jungle.

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