Appearing in "Cry Mandrill"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mandrill (First appearance)
  • Professor Skecher

Other Characters:

  • Lem Stover
  • Lord Dunbar Ainsley
  • General Mojo




Synopsis for "Cry Mandrill"

Aided by Ina and Biri, Shanna mounts and subdues a rampaging rhino, biting its ear to guide it into a narrow alley, where Patrick McShane traps it with his jeep. The owner of the rhino thanks them, saying it is part of a zoo shipment and had broken free.

Later that evening Patrick and Shanna arrive for a dinner party to which they were invited, though they do not yet know by whom or for what purpose. While showering Shanna receives a phone call, but no one answers at the other end. It is infact her father, who was trying to contact her but then kidnapped by a group of men.

When they arrive at the address, which proves to be a lavish mansion, they find several other guests but none know the identity of their host. Soon a masked man appears, saying he will explain everything. Ina and Biri are agitated, but Shanna calms them, and the masked man announces that he plans to overthrow three African governments and establish himself as their ruler. Each of his assembled guests will provide particular help in this plan, with Shanna’s role being to use her charisma and reputation to rally the minions to this cause. All the guests refuse, but the mysterious host reveals identity as the Mandrill and makes it clear that their compliance is mandatory. He intends to spread a religion of hate, and he reveals that his armed guards, all women, have tattooed their faces with his likeness out of loyalty.

Shanna commands her leopards to attack, and a general brawl ensues. Forced to leave the others behind in the melee, Shanna escapes in her jeep, but the Mandrill’s guards pursue her and a high speed, off-road chase ensues. Her pursuers leave off as Shanna reaches the city. However, another surprise awaits Shanna as she returns to her hotel to find SHIELD agent Jakuna Singh waiting for her. Singh requests her help in taking down Mandrill, who, he reveals, has also kidnapped Shanna’s father, the wealthy mine-owner Gerald O’Hara. Singh asks her to return to the Mandrill’s mansion and allow herself to be caught. Once inside she can free the others and then signal Singh with a transponder hidden inside a special bracelet.

Returning to the mansion, Shanna and her leopards are shot with tranquilizers. She wakes up bound to a table where the Mandrill’s assistant prepares to tattoo her face, but she breaks free and fights him off. The Mandrill releases a group of real mandrills to attack her, and she signals Singh for backup. Seeing Mandrill driving away with five captives, she race after him, crashing her vehicle into his. He escapes into the jungle and doubles back toward his mansion, only to run into his still-agitated mandrills, who attack him. Shanna fights off the mandrills to save his life, leaving him to be arrested by Jakuna Singh. Checking on the prisoners, Shanna finds that while the other four are safe, her father was carried away by the Mandrill’s guardswomen, and the Mandrill refuses to divulge his location.

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