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Quote1.png Shanna O'Hara must perish by the power of hate! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Where Nekra Walks--Death Must Follow!"

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  • Mandrill's Converts

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Synopsis for "Where Nekra Walks--Death Must Follow!"

Patrick McShane, embarrassed that Shanna captured the Mandrill by herself while he was a prisoner, challenges her to an arm-wrestling match, and loses. Just then Jakuna Singh arrives in an unmarked jet to escort them both to a SHIELD carrier off the coast, to debrief them on a threat to all of Africa. She insists that Ina and Biri come along, but once airborne the leopards freak out, and Singh is barely able to land the plane without crashing.

Aboard the carrier, Singh puts her in contact with Professor Xavier, whom she met at a recent conference on feline mutations, and Xavier's friend FBI Agent Duncan. Xavier announces that he has localized two mutants in Africa; one the Mandrill (from last issue), whose mutation appears to be solely physical, and a second, unknown mutant of great power. Singh notes that the Mandrill is in jail, but his female army is still at large, and Shanna mentions they still have her father captive. Professor Xavier says to remain vigilant and summon him for help if necessary.

Somewhere in the jungle, a priestess leads a ritualistic dance of hate before an enormous Mandrills statue; it is the second mutant, Nekra, who gains physical durability from feelings of intense hatred. Leading the women army in a chant of hatred, Nekra says their leader, the Mandrill, must be freed from prison and Shanna, the one who captured him, must be killed.

Elsewhere, reading in her lavish treehouse, Shanna ponders her life prancing through the jungle and flirting with Patrick McShane, and wonders if it all isn’t still too civilized. But she is apprehensive about embarking upon a life completely in the jungle, and says that though her body is prepared for such a life, her mind is not, as she is afraid to learn who she truly is.

Suddenly there is an explosion nearby and Patrick’s house bursts into flames. Swinging by vine-ropes to the scene, Shanna is confronted by a wrathful Nekra, who easily throws her to the ground. Ina and Biri throw themselves at Nekra, allowing Shanna to rush into the flames and carry out the unconscious body of Patrick. Outside, she sees that Nekra has knocked out the leopards, and their battle resumes. Soon realizing Nekra’s physical superiority, Shanna tries to stab her shoulder with her knife, only to watch the blade break on her impenetrable skin. Shanna finally manages to apply a submission hold that causes Nekra to pass out. When Patrick comes to, they wonder what to do with her when she wakes up.

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