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Shanna is the result of a Nazi genetic breeding experiment where she was designed to be a super-soldier. Doc, a member of a scientific expedition, was the first to encounter her, and named her Shanna after the comic book character.[2] She joined an encampment of soldiers who had become stuck on Monster Isle and helped them to survive.[3]

When a group of pirates sought refuge on the island after being attacked by a Leviathan, she also helped them to survive and escape their pursuers and stay alive long enough to get off the island. Shanna herself decided to stay as she liked it there.[4]



Shanna was bred and genetically designed to be the perfect Super-Soldier. She is stated to be roughly as strong as a dozen men, having been shown to be strong enough to break a raptors neck with ease, lift and wield a large log as a weapon, kick open a strong metal door, hold open a tyrannosaurus rex's mouth and decapitate a raptor with a single swing of a machete, slice one in half with ease and throw a human being in excess of a hundred feet.[5]

She is also partially invulnerable with skin which is hard to puncture or bruise.[6] Her invulnerability allows her to physically fight dinosaurs, such as raptors, without coming to any harm and was uninjured after being hit with a swing from a tyrannosaurus rex tail and was only slightly harmed when thrown into a tree by a t-rex with enough force to break it in half and collapse it on top of her.[7]


Shanna possess highly honed killer instincts and carries instinctive knowledge on how to fight in such a way as to utilise her strength while conserving energy.[1]

Shanna was able to become fully fluent in English within five weeks.[1] She was also able to quickly study the gait of a t-rex and calculate its mass and momentum to allow her to down it with a spear.[8]


Initially she struggled with a lack of empathy and human connection as well as difficulty controlling her killer instincts.[1]



Spears, knives,[8] and machetes[9]

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