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| QuoteSource = Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
| QuoteSource = Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
| Image = Shannon Carter (Earth-91119) from Marvel Super Hero Squad Online 001.png
| Image = Shannon Carter (Earth-91119) from Marvel Super Hero Squad Online 002.png
| RealName = Shannon Carter
| RealName = Shannon Carter
| CurrentAlias = American Dream
| CurrentAlias = American Dream

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Quote1 Glad to see that strong, young women are also taking up the red, white and blue! Quote2
-- Captain America src

With her custom-made mini-shield launcher, American Dream defends Super Hero City from bad guys both home and abroad.[1]


American Dream is in peak physical condition for a non-powered human, and is a skilled martial artist. She has disc weapons and has terrific aim. Later she was given a duplicate of Captain America's Shield, and she uses it well (both defensively and offensively).


A world-class athlete and hand-to-hand combatant

Strength level

American Dream has the the strength of a woman of her height and weight who engages in extensive regular training


Although she is part of the Super Hero Squad, she is one of the few members who doesn't have any powers. Unlike the others she is still only human.


Double Jump


  • Disc weapons: stored on her sleeves
  • Indestructible min-shield

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