Muse was James Johnsmeyer’s greatest player in the Great Game, a series of staged fights between superhumans. At some point she faced off against Quorum, another of Johnsmeyer’s players. Muse and Mosh followed Detective Jacob Raven to the warehouse where Kaine’s body had been moved and stole it, bringing it back to Johnsmeyer’s estate, where he was nursed back to health. Muse greeted the newly-revived Kaine as he defeated Quorum, Mosh, and several other thugs. After giving Johnsmeyer a progress report, she attended to Kaine, explaining his resurrection. She introduced him to Johnsmeyer, but Kaine refused his offer to play in the Great Game and left. While leaving the Johnsmeyer estate, Quorum and Mosh confronted him, but Muse knocked Quorum out and mesmerized Mosh to put his gun down, allowing Kaine to defeat him. She asked Kaine to take her with him.[1]

As Muse and Kaine escaped through a New York City alleyway, they were confronted by the Rhino, who had joined the Great Game. As the Rhino tried to goad Kaine into a fight, Spider-Man intervened, rescuing Muse from a toppled wall only to be buried in rubble himself. In the confusion, Muse and Kaine escaped.[2]


Muse could project concussive blasts and influence the behavior of other people.

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