Shannon Stillwell was a scientist working for Regent at Empire Unlimited. She was first at the Cellar seen when Walrus and Ox were placed in special tubes.[1]

After Betty Brant finished her interview with Augustus Roman, Dr. Stillwell told them that the Cellar is at full capacity and that they will expect the next gifts from the superheroes. Dr. Stillwell was told by Regent that the superpowers were the problem and he would have those superpowers.[2]

After Regent defeated Orka and had him placed in the special tubes, Dr. Stillwell stated that Orka's powers were transferred to his suit despite his Atlantean physiology. After Regent apprehended Miles Morales and placed him in the special tubes, Dr. Stillwell stated that he had apprehended a member of the Avengers while also stating that the rest of the Avengers would be looking for him.[3]

As Dr. Stillwell told Regent about Miles Morales' vital signs, Regent placed a defeated Thor in the special tubes alongside Betty Brant.[4]

Upon Regent being told that his life signals and the suit were holding while he brought in unconscious superheroes, Dr. Stillwell suggests that they kill Betty Brant and Harry Lyman since Parker Industries would notice that their C.O.O. was missing. While Regent was battling Iron Man and Iron Spider, Dr. Stillwell went to deal with Miles Morales himself after the guards were defeated. When more of the special tubes were found broken by her, Dr. Stillwell was hit by Miles Morales' venom blast.[5]

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