According to herself, Shannon Sugarbaker has had three passions in her life: His ex-boyfriend Claude, cosplaying using functional ersatz weaponry, and hunting.

In order to fulfill her last hobby, she used her vast fortune to buy knockoff Doombots she attempted to reprogram and use as prey. her plan failed, so she resorted to the closest legally available option after humans: anthropomorphic animals. Having hired the servies of Kraven the Hunter, Shannon captured several of these animals, or any subject she deemed to be so.

Her victims were Rocket Raccoon, Beast, her ex-boyfriend's cat Biggs, Weapon II and Howard the Duck. Super hero Squirrel Girl was present on the scene when Kraven captured Howard, and followed him to Sugarbaker's mansion.

After defeating Squirrel Girl with her knock-off weapons, Sugarbaker placed her in an arena with the other captives, including Kraven, after a disagreement with Shannon.[1] Sugarbaker managed to knock out most of her preys, who were taken back to the mansion so they could be hunted again later. Howard the Duck and Squirrel Girl managed to find one of the secret tunnels used to bring back the prisoners to the mansion and infiltrated the building.

With the disappearance of these two contestants, Sugarbaker threatened to start killing the others. Outfitted with some of Sugarbaker's knock-off weaponry, Howard confronted her, buying Squirrel Girl enough time to free the other prisoners. With the help of the others, Squirrel Girl and Howard eventually managed to defeat Sugarbaker. Her house was burnt down in the process, but everyone got out alive.[2]

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