Shapur was the ruthless warlord of El Shah Maddoc when Conan arrived and, in short order, stole the Kothian's job.[1]

Like the Cimmerian, he was sent by King Maddoc II with untrained troops (prisoners released from the cells) to battle the savage M'Gai tribe.[2]

Shapur recovered the magical amulet which was stolen by Kollos and brought him back to Conan, eventually pledging allegiance to the Cimmerian.[3]

When they returned to the city with Imhotep, Shapur helped the Cimmerian assaulting Maddoc's castle.[4]

Shapur then enlisted Kaleb and Simeon to help Conan secure Jahli's future as the legitimate heir to the throne of the El Shah Maddoc.[5]

When his grandson was murdered, Shapur disobeyed Conan's orders and helped him fight off Ybn's entire army of assassins.[6]

Shapur joined Conan in his military service on behalf of rebel Prince Irham.[7]

Shapur persuaded in vain General Freja to recognize Conan's authority and obey his orders.[8]

A short time later, the Cimmerian won Shapur friendship's and loyalty. Conan told him to clap General Freja in chains, but he couldn't, since his men got him first.[9]

When Red Sonja was found unconscious, badly beaten, and sexually assaulted in the Kothian wilderness, Shapur blamed himself for treating her as any other soldier. As Conan told his comrades he wanted to challenge Bahkt, who was responsible for Sonja's assault, Shapur at first warned the Cimmerian of his demonic power, but then wished him good luck.[10]

When Kaleb decked Conan for grabbing Solaise, Shapur told Kobe to stop them, but he refused, since it would interfere with a matter of honor. As the Cimmerian and the Aesir then disappeared into a portal in the air, Shapur and his band traveled to the Forest of the Eternal Verities, when, all of a sudden, he witnessed Simeon being struck by a lightning, and the Staff of the Elder Gods turning into a sword.[11]

When the Cimmerian's small army was about to move on, Shapur asked Kobe to remain with Sonja and keen an eye on her, but he refused and was replaced by Simeon.[12]

When Conan bargained with Thulsa Doom to fight against the Devourer of Souls, Shapur feared it would cost them their souls.[13]

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