Moensiens from Fantastic Four Vol 1 230

Xanth and Shareen [1]

The being who later became known as the Firefrost was originally a woman named Shareen. She was a member of the Moensiens, alien beings who reached a cultural and evolutionary dead end in a distant future. With their civilization sliding into decadence and corruption, the Moensian elders believed their only salvation was to share their knowledge with other intelligent races in the universe. Shareen and her lover Xanth were selected as the best candidates for this important mission. After forty years travelling through space, the couple crossed paths with the remains of the Voyager space probe, launched from Earth centuries earlier. Interested in recovering the relic before it could be swallowed up in a black hole, Xanth piloted their ship toward it despite Shareen's warnings. Instead of recovering the ancient probe, they suffered the same fate, as they were sucked into the black hole and seemingly destroyed.

However their life forces endured and were shown the secrets of the universe. Both were reborn without knowing the other had survived. Shareen was transformed into a being of positive matter and light who later became known as Firefrost. Meanwhile, Xanth was driven mad and transformed into a being of anti-matter and darkness who became known as the Ebon Seeker. The couple were there sent hurtling back in time, materializing centuries into the past. Although mad, the Ebon Seeker still remember his original mission to seek out new life and travelled from world to world. However due to his anti-matter nature, his interaction with the positive matter of the worlds he visited caused him to shed mass and anti-matter energy until both he and the world he visited were destroyed. Restored after the destruction of each world, the increasingly insane Ebon Seeker continued on from world to world. Firefrost followed after her love trying to reach him through the insanity, and was ignored and unseen.[1]

Modern Age

During the time known as the modern age of heroes, Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four sent a signal from Earth in an attempt to recover a missing NASA satellite, but the signal inadvertently brought the Ebon Seeker to Earth. When the Fantastic Four tried to stop him from destroying their world, but the Seeker proved too powerful. Their battle took them out into the Atlantic Ocean outside of New York City, where the Seeker upraised an island where he trapped the FF in a black void and continued his rampage. [2]

The Fantastic Four were found and freed by Firefrost who explained their origins and agreed to assist the Fantastic Four in stopping her insane partner. While the Thing and Human Torch kept the Ebon Seeker distracted, Reed, the Invisible Girl, and Firefrost worked on a means of stopping him. Reed eventually discovered that banishing the Ebon Seeker to the Negative Zone was the only way to stop the Seeker and devised a device that transported the Seeker and the entire block around their Baxter Building headquarters into the Negative Zone. In that antimatter universe, the Seeker's sanity was restored and his energies replenished. Reunited with Firefrost the pair agreed to find a new life within the Negative Zone and ventured off, [1] leaving the Fantastic Four to find their way back to their home universe.[3]

Operation S.I.N.

Shareen (Earth-81049) from Operation S.I.N. Vol 1 4

Shareen disguised as a human.[4]

She went with Ebon to the negative wastes, but wanting to be free again, she escaped from him. Her ship transported her back to Earth circa the year 1952.[4] Her ship materialized in Russia and Shareen's appearance as Firefrost in the forests there eventually the attention of Earth's defender Woodrow McCord. Believing that this strange presence to be a threat, McCord sought to eliminate it as he did all other invaders of his world.[5]

Posing as a human, Shareen hid her spaceship and was eventually captured along a group of Russian scientists by Hydra to work in a kind of portal. Knowing Ebon could discover her whereabouts through the portal, Shareen sabotaged her friend Anton Vanko, who was operating the portal.[6] Regardless of this, the attempts to hide were in vain as Ebon Seeker had already discovered her location thanks to Howard Stark -- McCord's associate --, who had activated Shareen's spaceship. He used the portal to reach Earth once more, but as the portal was damaged, he became stuck in it.[4]

Shareen's spaceship crash-landed in the Hydra base where she was being kept. One of its passengers, Tania Belinskaya, got injured during the accident, so Shareen once more became Firefrost to heal her. As she was ready to leave, already having healed Tania, Woodrow McCord appeared to take her down,[4] but was stopped by Peggy Carter. They then started to think about how they could close the portal and send the Ebon Seeker back from wherever he came from, finding the solution to this problem in the form of the power sphere that was feeding Shareen's ship. Shareen filled it with enough to feed Ebon from that point on and gave it to him, making him leave Earth.

Shareen stayed with Vanko in Russia as Carter while Howard and McCord returned to the United States of America.[7] Shareen's subsequent fate is unknown, although Vanko has resurfaced in modern time [8], Shareen was nowhere to be seen.


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