The planet and origins of the so-called Shark People, including the actual name of their race, is unknown. They claim to have been an aquatic race that mastered the ability to project their mind into space. A group of these creatures projected their mind to Earth. There they created new bodies in the form of the Great White Shark, believing this to be the most superior form on Earth. Carnivores, the Shark People took a liking to human flesh and adapted the ability to change into human form to better hunt their prey, but had to return to the water after a few hours or die in the surface.[1]

The Shark People terrorized the shores of New York City over the course of days in 1954, attacking people on land in the sea, even smashing open the hulls of Coast Guard vessels to feast on the crew inside. The series of strange murders and other strange circumstances prompted the Sub-Mariner to investigate. During his investigation of the wreckage of a Coast Guard vessel, Namor took interest in a witness at the scene who made a snide comment suggesting that he might know something about the attack. This of course was one of the Shark People, who later slipped away to a secluded spot on the beach to return to the water. When Namor went after the man, he was attacked by the Shark Person in his Great White form. Namor killed the Shark Man, and when his body later washed to shore in human form Namor began to suspect the truth.[1]

He began watching the beach and captured a female member of the Shark People and forced her to explain their plan. After she did and explained that her people were meeting off the coast of Cape Hatteras, she committed suicide for betraying her people. Namor then organized a fleet of Coast Guard ships that scooped up all the Shark People in nets. Namor then demanded that they either project their minds back into space or die. Refusing to surrender, the Shark People chose death and were dragged out of the water where they suffocated.[1]

It is unknown if there are any surviving members of the race known as the Shark People left in the universe.

Powers and Abilities


The Shark People had the ability to project their minds into space across great distances. Apparently they were able to shape new bodies based on the life forms on the planet. While on Earth they took on the form of the Great White Shark but also adapted the ability to shape shift into a human form.


The Shark People where an aquatic race that required water in order to live. While able to change into human form and walk on land and breath air, they were limited by the amount of time they could spend out of the water or face suffocation.


Habitat: Amphibious
Gravity: Earth standard.
Atmosphere: Earth standard.


Type of Government: Not Applicable
Level of Technology: Not Applicable
Cultural Traits: The Shark People are a race of hunter killers but apparently have a high level of intelligence.


The Shark People should not be confused with the Shark Men an aquatic race of humanoid sharks that originated on Earth.

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