Sharon Banks was the defense attorney who represented Flash Thompson when he was framed by Roderick Kingsley and arrested for the crimes of the super-villain the Hobgoblin (when Kingsley was actually the Hobgoblin).

Sharon arranged for Flash's friend Peter Parker to interview Flash in custody, unaware that Parker was secretly the super-hero and enemy of the Hobgoblin, Spider-Man.

Sharon was meeting with her client in custody when the mercenary Jack O'Lantern, seeking to make a name for himself with New York's crimelords, broke into Flash's cell to spring him. Sharon pleaded with Flash not to go with him, knowing how it would look, and was struck by Jack O'Lantern. When Flash came to her defense, Jack O'Lantern knocked him out and escaped with him. [1]

Sharon was later present when Flash was cleared of all charges by District Attorney Blake Tower. [2]




Sharon is a trained attorney.

Strength level

Normal human.

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