Quote1.png Only one of us has been able to keep their head straight since the outbreak. Agent Venom is our best shot, we're with him... whatever he wants to do. Quote2.png
Agent 13[src]


Homo arachnus form

Agent 13 seemingly had the same history as her Earth-616 counterpart. She was one of the individuals infected with the "Spider-Virus."[1]

Sharon, Betty Brant, Carlie Cooper, and Mary Jane Watson were outfitted with tracking devices and allowed to be spotted by Agent Venom's Resistance. The four were captured and given the Lizard serum, restoring their freewill. Unfortunately, the spider-army had tracked them down,[1] forcing them to relocate to Avengers Mansion.[2]

Sharon took part in the assault on The Queen's Tower.[2] She watched as Flash and his symbiote sacrificed themselves to get Spider-Queen in position to get her killed by Stegron and his Dinosaurs.[3]

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Seemingly those of the Curtis Connors of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Sharon Carter of Earth-616.

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