The past history of Sharon Carter of Earth-77105 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart up until the point in which she joined SHIELD. In this reality Captain America and Bucky would remain active throughout the war. Bucky (now calling himself Buck) would be named the head of SHIELD when it was formed by President Johnson in order to battle the terrorist organization Hydra. Eventually, SHIELD would be led by Steve Rogers when Buck would take over the role of Captain America. It is unknown if Sharon joined SHIELD during Buck's tenure as director or after Steve had taken it over. Whatever the case, Sharon would fall in love with Captain America when Buck would take over the role from Steve. She would hope that one day Buck would retire from his role of Captain American and marry her.

Sharon accompanied Steve on a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission to Hydra's island stronghold, where Captain America was called in by Steve as backup. Steve used a Stark anti-sonic gun that silently blasted open the door, and then he, Sharon and Captain America overpowered a trio of Hydra agents, took their uniforms and infiltrated the base. However, Sharon was discovered as no women were allowed on Hydra base. The trio battled back the Hydra forces, but when Steve tried to grab the Supreme Hydra's new life-draining weapon, he activated its booby trap, and a burst of electricity subdued the three heroes. They were bound and then confronted by the Supreme Hydra, whom Steve quickly recognized and identified as Zemo. Breaking free, the group would battle Zemo and in the aftermath of the battle both Zemo and Buck would die. At Buck's funeral, Sharon condemned Steve for turning the young Bucky into an instrument of war, further telling him that he considered Buck just another casualty of war[1].

Sharon's current activities remain unrevealed.

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