Quote1.png This place is crazy, and dangerous, and everywhere I look someone is trying to kill me. I love it. Quote2.png
Sharon Carter[src]


Civil War

Sharon was at some point captured by a Hydra machine, that machine was later used to attack the Avengers Academy.

When she was freed from the machine by the Academy students, she joined Captain America's team after he and Iron Man got into an argument on how to better defend the Academy from Hydra, and that ended up with them dividing the Academy into two camps.

Sharon was a spy, so Captain America asked her if she had any intel on who the other Hydra commanders were, since he was only able to recognized Red Skull and Madame Hydra, she tells him one of them was his long though to be death friend, Bucky Barnes, who had apparently been captured and brainwashed by Hydra scientists Arnim Zola and Baron von Strucker into becoming the mercenary Winter Soldier, she then agreed to help Captain to save Bucky from Hydra. [1]

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Seemingly those of Sharon Carter of Earth-616

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