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Sharon was a schoolgirl living in the town of Blackcastle in the North of England. She and her friend, Fudge, found the alien criminal Beep the Meep following the crash of his spacecraft, and were duped into helping him escape from his pursuers, the Wrarth Warriors, an intergalactic police unit. Betrayed and threatened by the Meep (who attempted to turn Blackcastle into a Black Hole), Sharon was saved by the intervention of the Time Lord known as The Doctor and elected to join him on his travels. Shortly afterward, Sharon was forcibly aged four years by accident when the Doctor's TARDIS went through a space-time rift. Following several adventures with the Doctor, Sharon eventually fell in love with an artist named Vernor Allen on the planet of Unicepter IV, and elected to begin a new life with him since, having aged into her early twenties in the meantime, she felt she could not return to Earth and her family.

Sharon's full name was never revealed in the Doctor Who strip, but appeared on a file viewed by the mechanoid bounty hunter Death's Head in Death's Head Vol 1 8.

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