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Catseye was abandoned at birth by her parents,[1] and was raised by a cat, influencing her behavior, and causing her to maintain her cat form most of the time. She was found by Emma Frost, who convinced her of her mutant nature and made her a member of the original Hellions team, intended to be a competing team with the New Mutants and a tool for the Hellfire Club.[9][3]

Emma Frost became a mother figure for Catseye and tried to get her used to her human form again, although she still believed to be a cat who could become human.[10] Under Frost's tutelage, she adopted the name Sharon Smith and progressed from total illiteracy to upper-grade school reading levels in less than a year, revealing an IQ possibly superior to that of Kitty Pryde.[11][3]

Her power was the antithesis of Wolfsbane, who could transform into a wolf, but usually preferred her human form. Despite this, the two became friends over time and enjoyed spending time together in their animal forms.[11][12][13]

With Wolfsbane

When the New Mutants were in a state of emotional turmoil over being killed and resurrected by the Beyonder, Emma Frost convinced Magneto, then leader of the team, to allow the New Mutants to move to the Massachusetts Academy for psychic counseling, where she promptly accepted them into the ranks of her Hellions. Catseye shared a room with Rahne, but they were separated when Magneto realized that his emotions had been manipulated by Empath to convince him to relinquish his students.[14]

Soon after, Emma threw a party which the Hellions as well as the X-Men's Gold team attended. It was there that Trevor Fitzroy — a member of the villainous group known as the Upstarts — appeared with the goal of killing Emma and gain points within the group for killing influential mutants. The Hellions were mere formalities for Fitzroy: some were killed in the crossfire and the rest, including Catseye, were drained of their life energies in order to fuel Fitzroy's teleportation portal.[4][5]

Many years later, Catseye, along with all of the other deceased Hellions, was resurrected by Selene and Eli Bard using the Transmode Virus.[6] She and the Hellions launched an attack on Utopia,[15][16] but they were all killed by the New Mutants.[7]

Following the foundation of a mutant state in Krakoa by the hand of Charles Xavier and his allies, Sharon resurfaced as a citizen of the nation, having been presumably reborn by the "The Five",[8] a group of mutants capable of combining their powers into a process of resurrection, brought together by Xavier as part of his plans for mutant ascension.[17] Catseye was controlled by Empath to fight Roulette and Tarot to the death,[8] but later got her revenge on Empath at the Hellfire Gala.[18]


Catseye's youth and comparative lack of sophistication belied a ferocious intelligence. Although she still retained several feline qualities whilst in human form, having been forced to provide for herself since her earliest infancy. Catseye more resembled a carefree child in tune with the environment around her.[3]


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Ailuranthropy: Sharon had the ability to transform herself into a large cat[11] or a bigger panther.[19] She is still able to speak while transformed.[20] Her hybrid and panther forms are more powerful than her human form, displaying;

  • Superhuman Strength[2]
  • Razor Claws[11]
  • Superhuman Senses: Her senses are greater than the average human.[3]
  • Prehensile Tail: Her tail is excellent at grappling and aids her in walking up walls.[1]
  • Wall Crawling: She was able to crawl up walls, but it's not clear whether this was an actual power or if she just used her claws.[1]


  • Catseye has Photographic Memory.[3]


  • In Emma Frost's files, she estimated Sharon's age to be rougly 14-15 years old.[3]
  • Sharon often retains her tail in human form.[11][12]


  • Chris Claremont originally intended for Catseye to be an alien feline able to metamorph into a quasi-human state.[21]

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