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Shatterstar's weapon of choice are his customary two single-edged swords with spiked hand-guards. Both of these swords were forged from science and magic in Mojoverse.[1]

The swords can slice through highly durable materials such as the moorings on Juggernaut's helmet, and both of the swords are equipped with a bio-electric current to make them difficult for others to wield.[2]


* Vibratory Shock-Wave: Shatterstar is able to resonate a vibratory shock-wave through the metallurgic properties of these swords, even from a distance, though this power physically weakens him.[3]

Physical Appearance

The swords looked different on several occasions:

Image Description
X-Force Vol 2 2 Textless.jpg The blade of the sword is curved.
X-Force Vol 2 4.jpg The bottom sword has spiked hand-guards, and resembles a large butcher-knife.
X-Factor Vol 1 202 Textless.jpg The swords resemble retractable claws.

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