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Shaylee's mother was a fairy who fell in love with a man from Brooklyn and the two had a daughter. Upon finding out, the Fairy Council forbid her from ever seeing him again and thus Shaylee grew up without her father.[1]

When she was older, Shaylee started attending Strange Academy, where she became Emily Bright's roommate.[1]

With time, she grew closer to her classmate Toth and, when visiting Asgard, she impulsively asked him to be her boyfriend, which he enthusiastically accepted.[2]

Unfortunately not long after this, she found him shattered by fellow student Calvin Morse possessed by Mister Misery.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Shaylee is a hybrid human and fairy and thus possesses a plethora of powers, such as:

  • Wings: She has wings on her back that allow her to fly.[1]
  • Spell Casting: Shaylee has innate magical aptitude.[1]



Flight via wings

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