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Appearing in "Cosmic Collision"

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Synopsis for "Cosmic Collision"

On the planet Yor, a powerful woman named Unum battles the planets' greatest female hero. When the warrior's daughter begs for the life of her mother, Unum slays both of them before taking off into the sky for the stars.

Meanwhile, on planet Earth, Valkyrie is drawn to a battle zone in the Middle East where a soldier is destined to die. She reaches out to the soldier to try and carry her up to Valhalla when suddenly she is teleported away. While in Milwaukee, She-Hulk and Jazinda are after a bail jumper named Max Farrell on behalf of Freeman Bonding Inc. Farrell begs She-Hulk to let him have three days to see his daughter get married. This plea leads to Jazinda suggesting they consider it, but She-Hulk isn't so sure as her experience dictates that supervillains always lie. Suddenly, they spot Unum arrives and decrees that the two women must die. She-Hulk and Jazinda try to talk their foe out of a fight, but Unum knocks both aside. She then begins charging a blast of energy from the Negative Zone. As she fires it at She-Hulk, Jazinda leaps in the way as she can survive anything. However, before they can be struck by the energy blast they have teleported away. Unum senses the interference of one of the Elders of the Universe and swears that she will find him and stop him from interrupting her mission of justice.

At that moment, She-Hulk and Jazinda find themselves in what appears to be a normal house. Wondering if they are dead or alive, She-Hulk turns into human form at Jazinda's suggestion. Jazinda then pinches her, since it hurts Jennifer Walters, Jazinda figures that they're still alive. They soon realize that they also are not alone as fellow members of the Lady Liberators are also present: Thundra, Storm, the Invisible Woman, and Valkyrie. She-Hulk is happy to see her allies, but when she tries to re-introduce them to Jazinda, Jennifer suddenly realizes that her friend has mysterious disappeared. Jazinda has been transported to another location. There she finds Quasar, Gamora, and Mantis of the Guardians of the Galaxy as well as Lyja, a fellow Skrull. Back in the room where the Lady Liberators are being kept, Thundra tries to break them free, but to no avail. Suddenly, a voice being speaking to them and assures them that Jazinda is safe and sound with others of her kind. The being also tells them that he has saved their lives from Unum, who would have surely killed them had he not stepped in and saved them all. He explains that Unum is seeking to kill all warrior women in the universe due to her love of Enmity, a love that has turned into hatred.

Thundra is still convinced that they can defeat their foe and goes outside of the house and tries to leave the yard. However, there is a barrier blocking her path. So she and She-Hulk begin beating at it in the hopes that they can smash the barrier. This is watched by the man responsible, the Elder of the Universe known as the Collector, who has gathered warrior women from across the multiverse in order to protect them from destruction at the hands of Unum. Suddenly, Unum cuts into his video feed and demands to know who he is for stealing those she wishes to destroy. She then comes smashing in through the monitor banks and confronts the Collector face-to-face. At that same moment, Mantis detects that the final act of this situation is fast coming and tells Quasar to prepare her quantum sword for what is to be done next. Meanwhile, Lyja pulls Jazinda aside and reminds her that she is aware of the bounty on her head and that she intends to collect it.

As the Guardians and their Skrull allies press on the barrier on their side, the Lady Liberators use Valkyrie's Dragonfang on theirs. The combined blows on the two indestructible weapons shatter the barriers between the two rooms. The two groups of women acquaint themselves with one another, while She-Hulk and Jazinda are reunited. The Invisible Woman is also happy to see Lyja. As they are making their next plans, the Collector comes smashing through the ceiling with Unum not far behind. Seeing the gathering of women, Unum thanks the Collector for allowing her the opportunity to slay so many warriors all at once. The Lady Liberators, the Guardians, and their Skrull allies then swarm Unum. She-Hulk is knocked near the Collector who tells her that Unum seeks the love and adoration from Enmity. To try and stop this battle, Mantis leaps in and attempts to infiltrate Unum's mind. The struggle, causes them to bump into She-Hulk, and their momentum lands them on Quasar's sword.

She-Hulk and Mantis then find themselves in another plane of existence where they are face to face with Enmity. Enmity explains that she basks in the love and adoration of beings like Annihilus, Dormammu, and the Magus, who destroy countless others to gain her attention. Instead, they only find the pain, death, and humiliation and that Unum is only one of many. Suddenly, Unum enters this plane to kill Mantis and She-Hulk. However, She-Hulk manages to convince Unum that Enmity is just manipulating her. Furious, Unum impales Enmity, and the two disappear in a flash of light, ending the crisis at hand. After healing the injured female warriors, the Collector returns them all to their proper homes


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