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  • She-Hulk's Sports Car

Synopsis for "The Girl From Gamma Gamma Gamma"

Years Ago

It's a Friday night at the Hershey Hall at UCLA School of Law and there is a massive party under way. Despite the loud music, Jennifer Walter tries to study her law books. When the music is too loud she plugs her ears so she can do her work in relative quiet. A few years later, Jennifer graduated summa cum laude and awarded the Order of the Coif. Although her father is proud of her, none of her classmates remember ever seeing her in class due to the fact that Walters was totally unremarkable.


The Jennifer of old is long gone, as the She-Hulk lives up a party lifestyle and has gone home with a male fashion model named Mika. When she is woken up by her alarm, Jennifer discovers that she has reverted back into her human form in her sleep again. Not wanting her one-night-stand to see her like this, she concentrates hard enough to trigger a transformation into She-Hulk, knocking the model out of bed. They then go for breakfast, where Edwin Jarvis, the Avengers butler, expresses Iron Man's concerns about Jennifer's frequent late night guests and the strain it is putting on the security checks. Jennifer laughs at the idea of having a list of names at least two weeks in advance. Running late for her day job, Jennifer asks Jarvis to see out her guest and heads out. En route she gets a call from her boss, District Attorney Blake Tower who wants to know what is going on with the Paxton Case. She explains that she has called a hematologist to testify. When Blake finds out that Jennifer did this without consulting them he reminds her that they are a team and that she shouldn't be grandstanding like this. He then gets upset when he realizes that she is calling him from her car. She-Hulk quickly hangs up and uses her Avengers Priority pass to park in a no parking zone so she can get to court on time. Inside the court room she argues that her clients were affected by improper handling of Antarctic Vibranium which affected the iron levels in their blood leaving them susceptible to illness. This angers her defense, which is led by Mallory Book of the law firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. Book is known for never losing a case and with the firm's owner, Holden Holliway, sitting right behind them, She-Hulk is determined to beat her. However, the case is stalled by the judge when the She-Hulk receives a priority call from the Avengers, much to the chagrin of Mallory Book. However, Holden Holliway is very interested in the She-Hulk.

Soon, the She-Hulk joins her fellow Avengers in battling MODOK, the Blizzard and the forces of AIM. It's thanks to She-Hulk that MODOK's freeze ray weapon is destroyed before it can be used on the Earth. While AIM retreats, She-Hulk is knocked into re-entry but is saved by Hercules. With their mission accomplished, She-Hulk decides to celebrate by partying that night. Later that night, Captain America and Iron Man express their mutual concern about She-Hulk's constant partying and decide that they should intervene before it's too late. The next day, She-Hulk wins her case, much to the further frustration of Mallory Book who is uninterested in the respect She-Hulk has for her career. The District Attorney's office then throws another party. Getting drunk, She-Hulk invites Mika over and has her way with him. The next morning, she wakes up to see Mika trying to sneak out. Caught in the act, he admits that he isn't interested in her anymore because she lacks depth, even for an underwear model. She-Hulk has a shower and when she returns to her room she finds Captain America and the Wasp waiting for her. They have to break the news to Jennifer that she is being kicked out of the mansion because her behavior of late is compromising security and taking advantage of Avengers privileges. However she is not being asked to leave the Avengers

When She-Hulk reports for work the next day, she finds that Mallory Book is visiting the Office of the District Attorney. After she leaves, Blake Tower tells her that Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway managed to get the judge to rule a mistrial on the Paxton case, much to Jennifer's aggravation. Blake explains that since She-Hulk was involved in saving the world with the Avengers, GLK&H filed a motion stating that it tainted the jury. With this now potentially being a massive problem for any future cases She-Hulk is involved with, and given her unprofessional behavior of late, Blake Tower has no choice but to let She-Hulk go. She-Hulk decides to go to a bar to drown her sorrows. After turning down a series of men trying to pick her up she is attacked by Blizzard who wants revenge on her for ruining his chance at the big time. She breaks free from the ice he has trapped her in and instead of fighting the villain, she invites him to have a drink with her. However, she drinks him under the table so the bartender can call the cops and have the Blizzard picked up without incident.

It's then that Jennifer is approached by Holden Holliway, whom she is not impressed to see since his firm cost her a job. Jennifer is shocked when Holliway offers her a job working for his firm. However, he tells her that he is not offering She-Hulk a job, he's offering Jennifer Walters a job, saying that as a condition she must work for him in human form. With no other options, She-Hulk reverts to human form and tells Holden that if he wants Jennifer Walters, he will get her. However, turning to human form causes the alcohol to hit her immediately and she throws up on the Blizzard and passes out on the floor.


Continuity Notes

  • This marks the second time that Blake Tower had to let Jennifer go due to claims that her superhero career was influencing the jury in her favor. The first time this happened was in Sensational She-Hulk #10.

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