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  • Skard (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "Imbalance of Power"

In order to defeat the She-Hulk, the former Champion of the Universe has sought out her greatest foe, Titania, and given her the Power Gem in the hopes that she will use it to destroy their mutual enemy. As he teaches Titania how to wield the power of the gem, he explains to her how the She-Hulk had recently defeated him in a one-on-one bout promising not to use the gem himself as a result. Learning that Tyrcos can't take back the gem even if he wanted to, Titania drops a massive chunk of rock on him.

Meanwhile, in New York, Jennifer Walters wakes up and releases Southpaw from her room. However, as the two women fight over who gets to use the bathroom first, they both notice that Jen has reverted back into human form in her sleep again. Southpaw takes advantage of this by knocking Walters out and tries to escape. However, when she opens the door to escape She-Hulk's apartment, she finds Doc Samson waiting on the other side. Turning back into the She-Hulk, Jennifer drops Southpaw off down the hall with Awesome Andy so she can talk to Samson in peace. Outside, Samson explains that he has come at the request of Reed Richards regarding the difficulties she has been having with her transformations. Jennifer explains that her troubles began when she was working with the Avengers on the Red Zone affair. The energies in the body of her teammate Jack of Hearts were affecting her transformations and whenever she turned into the She-Hulk she was savage. Eventually, she went on a rampage through the city of Bone, Idaho. She goes on to explain how this started a routine of partying, sleeping around, and unstable transformations. This led to the end of her career for the District Attorney's office and getting kicked out of Avengers Mansion. As they arrive at the ruins of the mansion, Jennifer figures that it was probably for the best.

At that moment, Titania is out looking for the She-Hulk and arrives at the Excelsior apartments. She trashes the place, easily overpowering Southpaw, Awesome Andy, and Ditto. Determining that She-Hulk isn't there, she leaps off to her next location, Timely Plaza. Back at the ruins of Avengers Mansion, She-Hulk explains how great her new job at GLK&H. However, she is upset over the recent events when the Scarlet Witch forced her to destroy the Vision. While at the offices of GLK&H, Mallory Book is trying to work on a case of the Challenger, a hero from the 1940's who has found himself pulled forward in time. However, her mind is elsewhere and she isn't paying much attention, much to the concern of her co-worker Pug. Suddenly, one of the Whiz Kids from the mailroom rushes in with a memo asking her to come up with the main floor. She meets with Holden Holliway and the heads of the firm, and Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg. They express their concerns about Mallory's performance of late, and she tries to explain that it is all thanks to interference from Jennifer Walters. Suddenly, a bus comes crashing in through the office window as Titania launches her attack on the Timely Building. As the strong woman breaks through the defenses, Holden orders the Whiz Kids to evacuate the building with their super-speed powers. Nearly everyone makes it out okay, but Mallory is seriously injured in the attack.

Elsewhere, Doc Samson drops a massive bombshell on She-Hulk: A few years earlier when Reed Richards had told her that she wouldn't be able to turn into Jennifer Walters again, he was lying. He explains that he transformations were psychological in nature and at the advice of Doc Samson, they decided to tell her it was radiation that prevented the transformation but instead it was her lack of desire to turn back to human form which blocked the transformation until recent history. Suddenly, they hear explosions and screams coming from the direction of Timely Plaza and rush there to find Titania waiting. Doc Samson is knocked out, leaving Jennifer alone against her foe. Her first attack is repelled, by Titania, wrecking the Jupiter Suit that regulates She-Hulk's strength. Thinking her full power will be able to stop Titania, she is shocked to discover that her foe is more powerful than ever. Locked in battle, She-Hulk suddenly notices that Titania is wearing the Power Gem. No sooner has she made this startling discovery she is beaten so badly that she is knocked unconscious and reverts back to her human form. Having finally defeated the She-Hulk, Titania lifts a massive piece of debris and prepares to destroy her enemy once and for all.


Continuity Notes

  • She-Hulk identifies what she thinks are the direct causes of her unintentional transformations between her human and She-Hulk forms:
  • Samson and Jennifer talk about the time that Reed Richards told her that she was stuck in her She-Hulk form and will never be able to change back to human form. This happened in Marvel Graphic Novel: The Sensational She-Hulk #1 after She-Hulk was exposed to a massive dose of radiation.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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