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Quote1.png It's the human condition. It doesn't matter how much good work we do here, month in and month the end, it's far easier to garner attention by tearing something down. We're a race of rubber-neckers, Jennifer. A society more entertained by acts of destruction than by the fruits of creation. Quote2.png
Holden Holliway

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Synopsis for "Some Disassembly Required"

In the ruins of the Excelsior Apartments, Awesome Andy digs Southpaw and Ditto out of the rubble. When Ditto tells them that he accidentally suggested to Titania that She-Hulk might be at the office, Andy rushes off to Timely Plaza to help. Ditto also fails to remind Andy to keep an eye on Southpaw, but notices that the girl is long gone, and realizes he's in even bigger trouble than before.

Meanwhile, at the ruins of Timely Plaza, Titania is about to crush Jennifer Walters under a pile of rubble when the Scarlet Witch's hex kicks in, making Jennifer invisible to Titania as long as she remains in human form. Doc Samson recovers from the initial attack and lays into Titania. Realizing what is going on, Jennifer realizes that this isn't a battle that She-Hulk can win on her own. She rushes to a pay phone and puts in a call to Reed Richards at the Baxter Building and tells him to get the Fantastic Four and every other hero he can get a hold of to help with the battle. Jennifer then runs into Pug and Holden Holliway and learns that Mallory was injured in the attack. Formulating a plan to stop Titania she points to the one person who can help her: Stu Cicero, GLK&H's resident expert on superheroes. As she and Stu rush away from the scene, Hercules is busy working for Damage Control when he is petitioned by the Fantastic Four, the remains of the Avengers and Spider-Man to assist in the battle against Titania. He is delighted to hear that he is needed and rips off his Damage Control uniform and joins his comrades in arms.

At that moment, Jennifer and Stu go to the only place of information left available to them: a local comic book shop. At that moment, Awesome Andy joins the battle and tries to fight Titania alone. However, her strength is too much for the android and he soon has his head punched clean off his body in a single blow. As the other heroes arrive on the scene and start battling Titania, Holden Holliway rushes to Andy's side to try and help his dying employee. Spotting Reed Richards passing by, Holden threatens a lawsuit in order to force Reed to break away from the battle and do what he can to save Andy's life. Back at the comic book shop, Stu cuts into the patrons questions about continuity, reminding them that long time readers find ways to make these inconsistencies make sense, wowing them with a No Prize that he has won. Rallying them to help with their research, the patrons begin digging through the long boxes to find comics about the Infinity Gems and the Elders of the Universe to learn what they can about the connection between the two. While back at the battle, Ditto arrives and tells Holden that Southpaw managed to slip away. Then Jennifer arrives and she has a plan to defeat Titania.

Having Ditto pose as She-Hulk, they make it look like Titania has finally killed her longtime foe. At first, the villain gloats over her victory but soon finds it hollow as she doesn't know what to do next. This distracts her long enough for Jennifer to get close enough to pluck the Power Gem from Titania's brow. With the Power Gem in her hands, Jennifer uses its power to land a knockout punch on Titania. In the aftermath of the battle, Mallory Book is expected to live but she has a long trial of healing ahead. Awesome Andy is upset with Ditto for what happened and tells the shape-shifter to never talk to him again. Meanwhile, Southpaw is riding a train across the country with the severed head of the Mad Thinker android, who tells her that he will do the thinking for both of them. Lastly, Jennifer Walters has a good laugh at the irony of Titania calling her to ask for legal representation. Jennifer hangs up on Titania and she is ordered back to her cell in the new Ant-Farm prison. Later, Jennifer and Holden are back at the ruins of Timely Plaza as Damage Control begins to clean up operation. Jennifer confides in Holden, telling him that after the entire affair she can't change into She-Hulk anymore, and that Doc Samson figures it is a mental block. Holden presents her with something that survived the attack: a photo of Jennifer on her graduation from law school. Jennifer has Holden promise to hire her back on when the office is repaired, holding him to his promise by jokingly threatening to sue him.


Continuity Notes

  • One of the patrons in the comic book shop questions the continuity of She-Hulk #3 wherein people remember the events of Infinity Gauntlet #16. Stu points out that since those events were published in comic books before the mind wipe after the crisis people remembered them after reading them. He points to Incredible Hulk #384 as proof of his claim.
  • The patrons also complain about the continuity of She-Hulk #8, leading to an argument about the difference between the Soul Gems and the Infinity Gems. Originally, the Infinity Gems were referred to as Soul Gems since that was the first one seen in Marvel Premiere #1 and they were all called as such when they were all seen in Avengers Annual #7. They weren't called the Infinity Gems until Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #44.

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