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Quote1.png I think I'm going to like it here at this "funhouse." Only in a crazy place like this could I ever learn... ...that some of the things She-Hulk can't handle--Jennifer Walters can. Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Class Action Comics!"

Today is the first day of the rest of She-Hulk's life, as she begins her new career as a lawyer working at Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. She is busy packing up her things as she is being forced to move out of Avengers Mansion. However, her teammates the Wasp and the Scarlet Witch tell her to worry about it later as it is her first day at work. They encourage her to change back into Jennifer Walters, as this is a condition of her employment. She-Hulk is apprehensive about the idea now since her civilian identity is a secret and it will make her a target for her enemies. To set Jennifer's mind at ease, the Scarlet Witch casts a hex that will make her invisible to anyone who wishes harm upon She-Hulk while she is in human form.

Soon, Jennifer takes a subway to Timely Plaza the head office of GLK&H, hating every minute of being in her human form. Upon the 39th floor, she is greeted by the firm owner, Holden Holliway who takes her on the grand tour. After seeing that the firm is representing members of Atlantis, the Moloids, and the Bird People, Jennifer begins to demand what is going on. She also spots Doctor Strange, who is currently being represented by Mallory Book over a lawsuit between the Sorcerer Supreme and a minor mystic named Nicolas Wilkes. Jennifer soon learns that GLK&H are the leading experts in superhuman law. She also meets Awesome Andy, formerly known as the Awesome Android, Holliway explains that Andy was emancipated by the Mad Thinker in one of their cases and now works for the firm. Taken to Holden's office, she finds him waiting for her. Much to Jennifer's surprise, the man guiding her around is a shapeshifter named Ditto who acts as a process server for the firm.

Jennifer is then introduced to her first client, a super-human called Danger Man. When she doesn't recognize him she asks if he is a hero or a villain. He tells her that he is just a man and then explains his origins. He tells her that he worked for the Roxxon Energy Corporation until one day he fell into a vat of atomic waste and emerged as an atomic superman. He then tells her that he wants to sue Roxxon for giving him superhuman powers. When Jennifer goes to research the case she is told to go down into the basement where they keep all their superhuman case studies. There she finds a massive comic book collection curated by Stu Cicero. He explains that every comic book that was published under the Comic Book Code of America, a government agency, is admissible in court. Jennifer spends the rest of the day going over the comics she pulled from the long boxes in the basement. The last one she reads is her own origin story and is embarrassed by how silly it all sounded. When she is done work for the day, Walters rushes out of Timely Plaza and changes back into She-Hulk as soon as she is outside, finally feeling relief after a long day stuck in her human form. She-Hulk wonders how Danger Man cannot like living with superpowers.

However, for Dan Jermain, things are greatly different. As he rides the subway home he feels everyone's eyes on him. When he gets home, his shirt splits when he bends down to pick up the mail. This coincides with his daughter Tina returning home and her friends making fun of his bare back. When Tina enters the room she screams at him that she hates him. Worse, his wife Norma is still recovering from injuries from when he rolled over on her in his sleep the night before. Norma has more bad news: their insurance and health coverage policies have all been canceled because they refuse to cover a superhuman. He is about to lose his temper, but Norma convinces him to keep his cool. After skipping dinner, Dan decides to sleep in the guest room again, not wishing to hurt Norma anymore. Norma has trouble sleeping because all she can think about is her husband becoming a superhero and hanging around with his more attractive female counterparts.

The next day, Jennifer Walters and Holden Holliway meet with the lawyers representing Roxxon. She tries a "hail mary" move by convincing the defense lawyers that she switched their drinking water with the same water form the Roxxon facility that gave Dan his powers. The ploy doesn't work because the lawyers actually want superpowers. In private, Jennifer admits to Holden that she doesn't think she is qualified to do the job he hired her for. This is partially because she is not used to being plain ordinary Jennifer Walters anymore that when she is She-Hulk she is better than anything, almost as though Jennifer Walters ceases to exist. After saying this, Jennifer suddenly gets a moment of inspiration and realizes how she can win the case. She quickly leaves the office to formulate her plan, much to the pleasure of Mr. Holliway. That night, Jennifer pays a visit to the Jermain family as the She-Hulk. She explains her argument that under the "Jean Grey Precedent" she can argue that Dan Jermain died the day Danger Man was born and thus his family are due compensation. Hearing this, Dan's wife Norma has had enough and leaves with their daughter.

This sends Dan into a fit of rage, She-Hulk tries to calm him down, but he is about to go nuclear. In order to convince him to stop, She-Hulk changes back to human form, risking her life if he goes nuclear. She convinces him that this isn't who Dan is and to stop and let her fight for him in court. Sure enough, Jennifer wins the case, netting a large settlement for Dan Jermain. After the trial is over, Holden congratulates her and asks her if she will return to the firm. Jennifer tells him that she intends to, because there is so much work to be done.


Continuity Notes

  • GLK&H is said to have been established in 1961, a reference to the real-world release of Fantastic Four #1. Since Holliway is one of its founders however, in-universe the year in question should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.
    • Likewise, Stu Cicero states that comic books published before 2002 are considered admissible in court as legal documents. This is a real-life reference to the year in which Marvel Comics ceased using the Comics Code Authority and moved onto their own rating system. However, in-universe the year in question should be considered a topical reference.
  • She-Hulk mentions the "Jean Grey Precedent" which she experienced personally. She is referring to the events of Fantastic Four #286 when she learned that Jean Grey was replaced, for a time, by the Phoenix Force, as originally seen in X-Men #101. Stu Cicero shows Jennifer a copy of Fantastic Four Vol 1 286 when she visits him in GLK&H's comics library.

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