Quote1.png Follow your programming, Android! Crush all resistance! Locate She-Hulk and Yellowjacket and destroy them! Quote2.png
-- Mad Thinker

Appearing in "The Big Picture Part Two: Minor Complications"

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Synopsis for "The Big Picture Part Two: Minor Complications"

The Story Starts with the regular day of Awesome Andy (this is happeneing at the same time She-Hulk is at the Big House). His working day ends when Mallory Book tells him he has to work the night shift moving long boxes. Meanwhile She-Hulk and Holden Holliway are preparing to land at Timely Plaza, and start arguing, as thy get out of the helicopter She-Hulk scratches her hand much to the misfrtune of the hidden super-villains. Inside, Andy is moving long boxes and Mallory presents evidence to Yellowjacket as to why Southpaw should be unshrunken. Mad Thinker tells Southpaw to struggle until She-Hulk restrains her. She does this and when she is sprayed to retun to her regular size, the villains return to their regula shrunken state (the size they were when they were kept in the big house. The villains try to escape but Hiolden Holliway activates an inpenetrable Forcefield, the three superheroes (She-Hulk, Yellowjacket and Awesome Andy) split up to chase the villains hiding in the buildin, most of the villains run far away but the U-Foes stay close as Vector has seen an opurtunity. She-Hulk finds first the Absorbing Man who turns to steel, she picks him up and twists him around in pain. She then stumbles upon Tiger Shark and throws him ain a fish tank, this restores his powers so she puts Electro in as well and they both pass out from electrocution. Meanwhile Sandman tries to snea out with the mail but is beaten by Awesome Andy and a vacuuum cleaner. Mad Thinker then tells Andy that his rehabilitation was not random and that he is still a pwan of the Mad thinker, he then tells Andy to aid him and his followers. Meanwhile Yellowjacket finds Vermin in the trash and throws him on a mouse trap. Whilst Southpaw tries to smash through the forcefield the villais begin to return to their normal sizes. At this time She-Hulk is preparing to battle 8-Ball, Rhino, Powderkeg and Dragon Man, as they grow, she picks up 8-Ball and throws him around the room hitting all 3 of the villains, the other 3 recoer but 8-Ball collapses. In the other room Andy is oredered to destroy his friends and uses the word "Destroy Them" causing Andy to think about other times he has been told that, he then punches the Thinker in the head and his head brakes open revealing he is a robot. Meanwhile, the U-Foes take Holden hostage and Southpaw bends Ironclad's arm around. Vapor attacks her and is defeated by Yellowjacket, the two team up and defeat the other 2 U-Foes. In the room with She-Hulk the four villains appear to be defeated but Rhino stands up and charges at her, She wwings powerkeg around and Rhino is hit by Powerderkeg's explosive sweat. The next day, Andy goes home to bed, takin with him the head of the Mad Thinker android.

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