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Quote1.png She-Hulk, welcome to the Star Chamber. Listen closely. The time has come for you to learn about Universal Law! Quote2.png
Living Tribunal

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Synopsis for "Space Cases"

On the distant planet of Skardon, the Elder of the Universe known as the Champion is determining his supremacy over the entire planet by entering into boxing matches against various super powerful champions. The match is overseen by the Magistrati, agents of the Living Tribunal. The next challenger selected by Adam Warlock is Beta Ray Bill. However, before the match starts the Magistrati insists that Beta Ray Bill fight without his weapon Stormbreaker. Before going into battle, Beta Ray Bill is given advice by those who enlisted him: Warlock and his allies Gamora and Pip the Troll.

Meanwhile, on the planet Earth, the She-Hulk is protesting the fact that her boss, Holden Holliway has charged her with keeping an eye out for his granddaughter, the would-be supervillain known as Southpaw. Southpaw isn't happy about the arrangement either. The two women almost come to blows when Holden tells them to stop. Holliway points out that the pair are very much alike and they could use each other to learn some responsibility. Mallory Book chimes in to make a crack about She-Hulk being the firm's babysitter. Getting serious for a moment, Holden tells them that the pair need to learn that there is more to them then their powers. Suddenly, three members of the Magistrati teleport into the middle of the office. While Holliway explains who these visitors are, they are all shocked when they say that they have come to offer She-Hulk membership in their universal court of law.

Back on Skardon, Beta Ray Bill is easily defeated by the Champion. The Elder of the Universe then demands another challenger. Warlock and his allies get their next champion, the Shi'ar warrior known as the Gladiator. However, the Gladiator fares as poorly against the Champion as Beta Ray Bill before him. At that moment, back on Earth, She-Hulk accepts the offer made by the Magistrati. As they are being teleported away, She-Hulk also insists that they take Southpaw with them, as the youth is her responsibility, and the girl is teleported away as well, despite her protests. The pair soon find themselves in the Star Chambers of the Magistrati where She-Hulk is given robes to wear. When Southpaw complains about how unfair this all is, She-Hulk points out that they are within the center of justice of all creation. Soon they are before the Living Tribunal who begins to impart to Jennifer the laws of the universe. While on Skardon, the Gladiator is defeated. With no other champions left, Adam Warlock decides to go into the ring.

Meanwhile, at the Star Chambers, She-Hulk begins adjudicating various cases brought before the universal court. She is introduced to her bailiff, a Recorder known as Rigel Type Zeta 9. The first case is Merka v. Merka, a custody battle between the emperor and empress of the planet Honchi. She-Hulk refers to the Biblical Judgement of Solomon by suggesting that they cut the baby in half. However, instead of discovering their true feelings for the child, the aliens, much to Jennifer's horror, chop the baby in half. However, this turns out to be the right answer as the two halves grow into complete babies, giving both parents what they want. The next case is a territorial dispute between the incredibly slow Sloggs and hyper-fast Bluazz. However, the case resolves itself because the Bluazz hyper-evolve before She-Hulk's eyes and decide to leave for the stars before the Sloggs can even get through their opening introductions. The third case is between the Watchers and the aptly named Recluses, who communicated through Zeta 9. The Recluses want to keep their presence hidden and are upset that they have a Watcher observing their world. She-Hulk decrees that Qyre, the Watcher charged with watching the Recluses' world, be silenced forever so he may observe but never tell what he has seen. All parties find this acceptable, and soon Qyre's mouth is erased, silencing him forever. Jennifer then gets a bit of a reprieve before her next case.

At that moment on the planet Skardon, Adam Warlock is defeated in the ring and the Champion asks if there is anyone else left to fight him. When the Magistrati on Skardon asks if they have another champion, Pip tells them that there is nobody left. He is surprised when the Magistrati offers to appoint one on his behalf. Moments later at the Star Chambers, She-Hulk gets her next legal case, on the planet Skardon. She accepts the case, unaware of what it entails.

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