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Quote1.png After you lose, you shall become one of my wives and bare me many strong sons... so that someday i may actually have fitting contenders for my title! Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Engagement Ring"

The She-Hulk has been selected by the Magistrati of the Living Tribunal to be a judge in the court of the universe. Taken to the Star Chambers with the delinquent known as Southpaw, Jennifer Walters is taken to an infinite closet to get the appropriate attire for her next case on the planet Skardon. There Recorder Zeta-9 finds what she needs: a boxing outfit and gloves. He explains to the two women that the planet Skardon settles disputes through combat. Soon, Pip the Troll is sent to teleport Jennifer and Southpaw back to Skardon.

When She-Hulk arrives on the alien world she is told who her opponent will be: the Elder of the Universe known as the Champion. Jennifer recalls this Elder as he once came to Earth and battled many of Earth's strongest heroes, including her friend the Thing. She-Hulk doesn't like her chances as everyone previously chosen to battle the Champion was defeated. Pip explains how he and his comrades heard that the Champion was about to enslave the planet Skardon, and got involved, recruiting the universe's most powerful warriors to fight him, but to no avail. She-Hulk is shocked to see that among the injured include Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, the Silver Surfer, and Drax the Destroyer. She is then brought to the last fighter, Adam Warlock, who is just barely hanging on. Warlock warns She-Hulk about the Power Gem that the Champion uses to augment his strength, making him an unbeatable foe. When Jennifer asks how she can beat someone like that, Warlock believes that as a member of the Magistrati, She-Hulk will find a way. With that, Adam Warlock dies and his body wraps itself in a regenerative cocoon that will ultimately bring him back to life.

Soon, She-Hulk is brought to the arena to battle the Champion and he is insulted that they have brought a woman to fight him. The Magistrati point out that gender is not one of the terms of the matches and reminds him that if he refuses to battle the She-Hulk, he forfeits the match. Soon the fight begins, and She-Hulk is beaten so badly the Magistrati stops the fight as she will surely die if she continues. She-Hulk objects to the fight, saying that it isn't fair. The Magistrati agrees and organizes a rematch within three months time, much to the protests of the Champion. When he learns that he has no choice in the matter, lest he feel the wrath of the Living Tribunal, the Champion concedes but vows to utterly destroy the She-Hulk. As She-Hulk is carried away, she thinks back and recalls a moment sometime earlier when Pug pointed out that She-Hulk's strength is exponential to that of Jennifer Walters and realizes that she has the key to defeating the Champion. While back on Earth, Pug and Holden Holliway appease the authorities regarding Southpaw's release to make sure she is still maintaining the conditions allowing her freedom. To this end, they have Ditto pose as Southpaw for some Guardsmen who come for a surprise inspection. Appeased, the Guardsmen leave. It upsets Ditto, however, to break the law in this way, but Holliway assures Ditto and Pug to have faith that She-Hulk and Southpaw will return soon.

Back on Skardon, She-Hulk has reverted back to human form to train, realizing that if she gets in peak physical condition as Walters, it will exponentially increase her strength as the She-Hulk. While they are training, Southpaw decides to go out and explore the planet. When she violently takes some fruit to eat, she comes to like the might-means-right attitude of this world. However, she is soon confronted by the Champion. When he mocks She-Hulk, Southpaw vows to fight him if Jennifer loses the match. The Champion points out that since Southpaw cannot remove her gauntlet, she will not be allowed to fight in the match as no outside weapons are allowed. Southpaw goes back to the gym to sulk and when Jennifer hears about the girl's encounter with the Champion comes up with yet another way of tipping things in her favor. When it finally comes time for the match, the She-Hulk reminds the Champion about the rules regarding outside weapons and refuses to fight him unless he removes the Power Gem. They also make a wager: If She-Hulk wins, the Champion must promise never to wear the Power Gem again. The Champion agrees, but only if She-Hulk agrees to become his wife should she lose.

In the ring, the She-Hulk's training pays off as her exponential strength allows her to easily overpower and defeat the Champion. With the Elder of the Universe defeated, She-Hulk is crowned the new champion of Skardon. The Magistrati then inform her that she has completed her work for them, for now, and that she is to return to Earth. Before leaving, She-Hulk tells the people of Skardon that they will no longer resolve things with violence, but with their brains. She then leaves Adam Warlock and his allies to sort things out from there. However, after Pip teleports Jennifer and Southpaw away, the people of Skardon begin fighting over who has the biggest brain, leaving Warlock and his allies with a much larger job than they had anticipated.


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