Quote1 After you lose, you shall become one of my wives and bare me many strong sons... so that someday i may actually have fitting contenders for my title! Quote2
-- Champion of the Universe

Appearing in "Universal Laws Part Two: Engagement Ring"

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Synopsis for "Universal Laws Part Two: Engagement Ring"

This issue picks up from lasst issue's ending with She-Hulk getting told thsat the clothes she would be needing are boxing clothes, as she gets changed Pip the Troll walks in on her and she threatens him, then Pip teleports himself, She-Hulk, Southpaw and Z9 to the arena where She-Hulk recognizes the Champion as the person who severely beat the Thing many years ago. Pip then informs her that the reason they need to defeat the [Champion is because he is obusing his leadership of the planet Skardon. On Skardon the hrase might makes right just about covers it. Pip tells them that when Warlock found about the mistreatment of the Skardon people hwe attacked Champion with his Soul Gem and the the Skardonians healed him. The rules state that no weapons are allowed and that ibattles must take place in a ring. He tells them that Warlock had been finding contenders for the Champion to battle in the hopes of winning, he mentions a battle in which Champion defeated Drax the Destroyer. They then go to the medical camp where she finds the people beaten by the Chapion, including the Silver Surfer. Adam Warlock then dies and goes back into a healing cocoon. When She-Hulk and Champion eventually face off, She-Hulk is also severely beaten but claims she wants a rematch in 3 months. She-Hulk then thinks back to something Pug said before that she wasnt super strong, just stonger then she is as Jennifer Walters. 3 Months Later, back on Earth, security men from the Raft come to check on Southpaw. Pug shows them to Holden's room where Holden and "Southpaw" are waiting, when they leave Southpaw turns back into Ditto. Meanwhile on Skardon, Jennifer Walters is working out in human form when Southpaw returns home after arguing with the Champion, she mentions that she cant use weapons in a ring so it wouldnt have been a fair fight. Beta Ray Bill mentions that they didnt let him use Stormbreaker or let the Silver Surfer use his board. This gives her an idea. The next day in the ring, She-Hulk declares the power Gem as a weapon then in a fair fight beats the Champion badly. She is declared the planets ruler and leaves Warlock and Z9 in charge as she returns home.

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