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Quote1 It's like a switch went off in my head, and I suddenly realized: I'm not in love with that man. Or wolf. Or...ohmigosh. Am I that shallow? Is it because he's a wolf? Quote2
-- She-Hulk
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Solicit Synopsis

  • The honeymoon’s over for Marvel’s latest power couple, She-Hulk and Man-Wolf. She refuses to be his “little woman”, and he refuses to shave.
  • What’s a married green female to do? This is the issue you’ve been waiting for gamma-fans!
  • Awesome Andy takes a stand! Pug’s finally makes his move! And you’ll NEVER see this ending coming!


Continuity Notes

  • Two-Gun Kid mentions that he has had past experience with werewolves before, as seen in Marvel Westerns: The Two-Gun Kid #1. Parts of this story run concurrently with that story, as Two-Gun relates this tale to Jennifer as they are chasing after John.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:


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