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Synopsis for "Remember The Titans"

On the Saturnian moon of Titan, Starfox is being made to stand trial for the crime of sexual assault committed on Earth's moon. Eros willingly allows himself to be tried, and is taken by Captain Marvel to Shao-Lom Temple of Pama to be placed in a Judgement Chair. Strapped in, Moondragon prepares to probe Starfox's mind to determine if he is guilty of his crimes. However, before the trial can continue it is interrupted by the Magistrati, emissaries of the Living Tribunal. They insist that since the crimes were committed on Earth that their Earth representative, the She-Hulk, act as judge over the trial. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Arthur Zix's secretary Dottie comes in after hearing that he blasted Stu Cicero with his ray gun for discovering his identity. Zix orders "Dottie" to cease her disguise, and she changes back into her true form, that of Ditto, the law firm's shapechanger and process server. Still needing to keep his identity a secret, Zix orders Ditto to pose as Cicero in order to maintain his cover. Receiving a call from the Magistrati, Zix reverts back to his true form, that of the robot Rigel Unit Zeta-9 and flies off to observe the coming trial on Titan.

Elsewhere, She-Hulk is furious with John Jameson for demanding that she give up being She-Hulk in exchange for him renouncing the power of the Stargod. Their argument is interrupted by Zeta-9 who tells her that she is needed to preside over a case. As Jennifer's clothes are changed into the ceremonial robes of the Magistrati, John protests her departure because last time she was gone for an extended period of time. She-Hulk tells him that she has to go as it is her sacred vow. John asks her about the vow she made to him when they got married, but she is already long gone by the time he says it. When she learns that she is to observe the trial of Starfox, She-Hulk tries to refuse the case. However, the Living Tribunal appears before her and tells her that her personal ties with Eros do not matter as it is her job to serve universal law. He then shows her the hidden face under the Tribunal's hood, it appears to be hers, and he tells her that it is the face of necessity a reminder to judge others as we would like to be judged. Her protests dispelled, Jennifer agrees to preside over the trial.

While back on Earth, Two-Gun Kid is being patched up by Jane Foster after his fight with the Man-Wolf when he sees Awesome Andy sulking away. When Two-Gun asks why Andy isn't with Mallory, he tells the Kid and Jane that he is not worthy and walks off. While Two-Gun is confused by this statement, Jane fears what is words actually mean. At that moment, Jennifer arrives on Titan and is greeted with protests from Mentor who is less than happy with how Jen handled his son's case earlier. However, she insists that she is the only one qualified to preside and when the Titan's worldmind ISAAC agrees with her, all protests end. The first witness is Mentor, who testifies about the character of his son, pointing out that he has a defender of the universe who has fought along the side of Captain Marvel's legendary father. The next witness is Pip the Troll, who hurts the defense when he conjures up images of all of Starfox's female conquests. Learning that this trial was to confirm if Starfox used his powers inappropriately, Pip apologizes and wishes Eros the best of luck before leaving.

Deciding that female witness is needed, She-Hulk offers herself up. All objections are sustained when ISAAC points out that only memories that can be corroborated by both individuals in the mind meld can be admissible. Probing Starfox's mind, She-Hulk learns that on the night the two had their fling, Eros did not use his powers on her. However, he does admit that he used them on her and John when he last saw them. Realizing that Augustus was right the whole time, She-Hulk loses her temper and tires to attack Eros, but is subdued by Captain Marvel. This starts a fight between Marvel, Moondragon and She-Hulk, but they instantly stop and call a truce when Thanos arrives. The Mad Titan explains that she is seeking to testify on the behalf of his brother. Everyone reluctantly agrees, and Thanos shares a memory of when a beloved family pet had died, making Thanos sad. Eros tried to cheer his brother up by using his powers on him. This convinces everyone in the room that Starfox is guilty of an even greater crime: that he was responsible for Thanos' love of Death, and therefor responsible for all the death and destruction his mad brother has caused over the years.

Solicit Synopsis

  • On the moon of Titan justice appears to be infallible. All matters are weighed by the impartial supercomputer, Isaac.
  • And all testimony is telepathically pulled from the witnesses’ minds by MOONDRAGON. It seems like the perfect system, right? That’s what SHE-HULK is there to find out.
  • But can she remain impartial, given that the defendant is someone she’d like to snap in two? It starts here: the final fate of the fallen Avenger, STARFOX!
  • Special appearances by THE LIVING TRIBUNAL, PIP THE TROLL, and... THANOS?!


Continuity Notes

  • She-Hulk has been a member of the Magistrati since She-Hulk #78.
  • This is not the real Thanos, and his testimony is false as is revealed next issue.

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