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Synopsis for "Mind Field"

The trial against Starfox continues on the moon of Titan with a surprise witness: Thanos. Thanos has just dropped a huge bombshell on the court, that Starfox's powers were responsible for his obsession with Death, thus making Eros responsible for his crimes. While this comes as a massive shock over this revelation, She-Hulk -- who has been selected by the Magistrati to preside over the trial -- isn't sure if she buys the story laid out by Thanos. When she calls Thanos on this, she demands that the madman undergo examination in the mind chair. Thanos agrees, and Jennifer's consciousness is placed into Thanos' mind by Moondragon. Inside the mindscape of Thanos, She-Hulk finds a massive mental block and smashes through it. On the other side she finds a memory of Thanos and his assistant Seductra creating an identical clone of Thanos. With his scheme almost revealed, Thanos begins thinking of another time and another place. This causes She-Hulk to be shunted into a different memory. It is a replay of the time when Thanos had taken control of the Cosmic Cube. Taking control of this memory, Thanos uses the Cube to revert She-Hulk to the state she was at that time: ordinary Jennifer Walters, as she was still in law school at the time. Seeing that Jennifer is in trouble, Starfox uses the judgment chair to beam himself into his brother's mind to help her. However, before Thanos can destroy them, the memory of Captain Marvel leaps in and smashes the Cosmic Cube, causing the memory to shatter sending Jennifer and Starfox tumbling into another memory.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, at Midtown General Hospital, Mallory Book and Pug compete to see whose life is more of a mess thanks to their association with She-Hulk. They are interrupted by John Jameson, who is still in his Stargod form. He apologizes for attacking Pug as he wasn't himself. Taking Augustus' jacket, Stargod gets Jennifer's scent so he can track her and then flies away, heading into the stars. Back in the mind of Thanos, Jennifer and Eros find themselves in his the middle of the battle with the Avengers when he created a massive synthetic Soul Gem. Eros offers his aid to Jennifer, but she refuses his help not wanting him to touch her until he comes clean about using his powers on her. Before he can explain himself, the memory shifts forward again to the Infinity Gauntlet crisis. Although Jennifer finds herself back in her She-Hulk form, Eros' mouth is sealed over, just like it was during that battle. As Thanos gloats over his supremacy, the Stargod arrives on Titan and after learning what has happened tries to fight Thanos.

The Mad Titan fights back on two fronts, clashing with Stargod in the real world, while simultaneously fighting She-Hulk inside his mind. Hearing the conversation that Thanos is having with the waking world tips Jennifer off as to who Thanos is fighting. Suddenly, the villain pulls himself back out into the physical world, leaving Jennifer to continue her quest inside his mind. Making Eros able to talk again, he insists that he never used his powers to influence the night they spent together a few years back. They then go looking into the memories that Thanos was trying to keep from them. They witness as Thanos and Seductra put in the final touches on the Thanos clone. There they see how they manufactured the clone to be a perfect copy of Thanos, with the false memories of how Eros used his powers to make him fall in love with Death. They then drugged Eros and manipulated his mind to make him use his powers recklessly and plant the false memories in his mind. Having heard enough, She-Hulk has Moondragon pull herself and Eros from the mind melt. She then confronts this clone of Thanos with the truth. As she pummels the villain, she mentions how this scheme manipulated her into marrying John Jameson.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Mallory and Pug finish their visit and the heartbroken man is left alone. He thinks about the potion he got at the Queen and Castle magic shop, how it will cancel out a love spell, and how the woman who sold it to him warns him that the elixir comes with a price. Deciding that it is worth the risk, Pug drinks it himself and quickly drops the vial after he consumes the strange liquid. In the aftermath of the battle, Eros is informed that the tampering done on his mind can be reversed but at the cost of his powers. Starfox gladly accepts this as he no longer wishes to manipulate the minds of others after his ordeal. Mentor then orders his son to return Earth and make reparations for the wrongs he has unintentionally caused. Zeta 9 then informs John and Jennifer that it is time to return to Earth, but She-Hulk asks for a moment to talk to John in private. With the truth about their feelings for one another revealed to have been manipulated by Starfox, the couple are at odds over what to do next.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Remember the Titans? Inside the mind of THANOS, SHE-HULK and MOONDRAGON learn a secret so dark, so disturbing, that it will forever change the way you see the Titans!
  • This is it, gamma-fans. One way or another, the case against STARFOX ends here!
  • Will he face ruin or redemption? All this—and a two-fisted throwdown between everyone’s favorite Emerald Amazon (Yay!) and the Mad Titan (Boo!)!


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