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Appearing in "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Awesome Andy But Were Afraid To Ask."

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Synopsis for "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Awesome Andy But Were Afraid To Ask."

On the Moon of Titan, She-Hulk has just finished adjudicating over the trial of Starfox and now tells her husband, John Jameson -- aka the Stargod -- that she wants to annul their marriage. Jennifer explains that the only reason why they got married was because they were hit with Starfox's powers. Although John refuses to believe this, Eros insists that it is true. He explains that he used his powers on two couples the day that Starfox was at Timely Plaza: Jennifer and John, as well as Mallory Book and Awesome Andy. This comes as a massive shock to Jennifer, as it explains the strange relationship between Mallory and Andy over the last while.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Awesome Andy walks the streets of New York reflecting on his past life. He thinks about how he was loved by Mallory Book and how great their romance was. This all changed when he shut off his mimicking powers to reveal that he had copied Starfox's powers and was unintentionally using them to make Mallory love him. As soon as he turned them off she renounced their relationship, feeling incredibly violated by the situation. No longer thinking of himself as an individual anymore, Andy walks past the Baxter Building and thinks back to when he was first created by the Mad Thinker. He thinks about all his battles against the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Avengers, and even Captain America and how they all ended in failure. Years later, the Thinker decided to make some improvements to the android's mimicking powers allowing him to imitate to the point where he could duplicate the skills of those around him. In order to test out the capabilities of these new powers, the Mad Thinker kidnapped Jane Foster in order to instigate a battle with Thor. Sure enough, when the Awesome Android was pitted against the thunder god, the android was able to mimic Thor's worthiness and lift his hammer, Mjolnir. However, this backfired on the Mad Thinker, as it awoke sentience in his creation, one with noble intentions. Sensing the change in his adversary, Thor then instructed the Android to stop his master and free Jane.

Andy now had a mind of his own for the first time, but was all alone. One day he happened upon the offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. Then owner Holden Holliway took Andy in as a pro-bono case and helped clear his name of all the wrong doing he did as the Mad Thinker's slave. Grateful, Andy took on a job working for GLK&H where Andy made new friends and enjoyed his new life. He recalls how Mallory was the person who gave him the tablet that could allow him to transmit his thoughts. He then thinks about how everything changed the day Titania smashed Timely Plaza. Almost destroyed, Andy discovered a fear of his mortality and worked trying to help rehabilitate Mallory, eventually falling in love with her, leading to the heartbreaking end. His recollections over, Andy returns to his apartment to pack up his things. Hearing his roommate Two-Gun Kid and Mallory returning to the apartment, Andy hides. He overhears Mallory try to convince Matt to stay, and convinces him by telling him that she needs him and tossing aside her crutches and walking to him.

Andy then goes to Central Park where he has a daydream about being with Mallory. In this dream he can actually talk and he removes his block-head to reveal his true face underneath. Mallory is horrified to see that it is the face of the Mad Thinker. With this dream ending, Andy then walks to the Empire State Building. There he doffs his clothing on the observation deck and then leaps off the building. Instead of falling to his destruction, the Awesome Android mimics the flying ability of birds nearby and flies away. Andy decides that until he figures out who he is, he will never come back to New York City.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Zeta-9 return to Earth to find that John Jameson has not joined them. She explains that John decided to stay in space for a while to think things over. When Zeta presses on the issue more than she likes, Jennifer tells her that this is a private situation. Going back to the office, she discovers that Dottie got fired and that everyone appears to be leaving, including the Two-Gun Kid and Awesome Andy. Jennifer rushes to the Excelsior apartments to discover that Andy has already left, leaving behind his tablet which reads "goodbye". Going back to her apartment, Jennifer finds movers taking out boxes. At first she thinks Pug is moving out, but learns that they are her own things. Going into her apartment to see what is going on, she finds Clay Quartermain of S.H.I.E.L.D. waiting for her. Clay tells Jennifer that she is being moved to the helicarrier because she has just been drafted by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Ever wonder how the Mad Thinker’s Awesome Android BECAME Awesome Andy?
  • It’s the origin you never expected—complete with a bombastic battle against the MIGHTY THOR! And an ending that’ll knock your block off!
  • Also, in the aftermath of CIVIL WAR, She-Hulk’s life takes one more life-altering turn, courtesy of a mysterious cast member from the pages of the INCREDIBLE HULK... Miss this issue at your own peril, gamma-fans!


Continuity Notes

  • Awesome Andy recounts some of his earlier activities including:

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A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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