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Quote1.png But that's just it, Mal. You never were intimidated by She-Hulk. But me? That's another story. Isn't it. Quote2.png
Jen Walters

Appearing in "The Gamma Defense"

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  • Theta 12-C

Synopsis for "The Gamma Defense"

Jennifer Walters wakes up in the penthouse apartment at Atlas Towers loaned to her by the Thing. Having been stripped of her powers by Iron Man, she vows to get her powers back by taking Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D. to court. When she gets ready for her day and goes into the elevator she is surprised to find Mallory Book and the Two-Gun Kid. When she explains that she is staying in Ben Grimm's penthouse, Mallory believes that Jennifer is sleeping with him now, she bases this assumption on the fact that Walters had previously slept with Tony Stark. Later that day, Mallory Book is taken to Gamma Base One where the Leader is being held prisoner since his capture by S.H.I.E.L.D. After putting on the necessary protective gear, Book is taken to the Leader's holding cell where she states her interest in representing him in court.

Later that day at the offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Holliway, Jennifer Walters is angry to learn that Mallory is going to be representing the Leader in court. To make matters worse, Jennifer has been subpoenaed as a character witness due to her own experience as a gamma mutate. Meanwhile, down in the basement of the firm, the comic book researchers are trying to make sense of the Leader's current state by going over old comics. When Stu Cicero tells them it doesn't matter since they are comics, it is the final straw that outs him as an impostor. Attacked by his coworkers, Ditto is forced to finally reveal his real identity after days posing as Stu Cicero to hide his disappearance. Soon the trial of Leader is underway in the ruins of New York City, that had just survived an attack from the Hulk. Soon the Leader is brought to the courthouse by the Hulkbusters along with his lawyer, Mallory Book. Book assures the Leader that although he is assuredly evil, the trial is going to go much differently than everyone expects.

Inside, the prosecution brings up various witnesses of the Leaders crimes, and each time Mallory Book has no questions for each one. When it is her turn to being calling witnesses the first she calls is Doc Samson. Samson testifies that those mutated by gamma rays typically take on the form of their darkest desires. He explains how Sterns exposure. in particular, transformed him from a simple minded laborer into an insane genius. She then calls Jennifer Walters to the stand and has her testify about her own transformation into the She-Hulk. Jennifer walks into Mallory's trap when she talks about how She-Hulk is like Jennifer but less inhibited. This leads Jennifer to having to answer, to the court, all the men she slept with as the She-Hulk. When Mallory brings up her one night stand with the Juggernaut. Jennifer denies it, however, Book has comic book evidence that proves it. This delights the Leader, who finds this revelation hilarious. Mallory then has Jennifer admit that she was addicted to being the She-Hulk as she intentionally chose to remain the She-Hulk as often as possible. Later that evening, back at the Thing's apartment, Jennifer thinks about who she can talk to about the situation. She decides to call Augustus Pugliese.

Pug comes right over and Jennifer is surprised by his grown out hair and beard. The two begin to talk about her identity crisis. The two create a list of benefits of both sides of Jennifer's personality. Pug insists that he is there as a friend only and after they share a dance and complete the list he leaves. Jennifer notes the one thing she and the She-Hulk have in common: neither back down. The next day Jennifer confronts Mallory Book on the steps of the courthouse and warns her that she will find a way to ensure that the Leader does not go free. As the Hulkbusters bring the villain up the steps, the scene is attacked by a massive ship that unleashes a horde of the Leader's Humanoid androids. Although the Leader manages to get free from his bonds, but only does so to order his Humanoids to stand down. Sterns allows himself to be restrained again, vowing that he will win his case.

While back at the offices of GLK&H, Lewis and Chas force Ditto to come up to the office of Arthur Zix to get answers as to what happened to the real Stu Cicero. Zix admits to replacing Cicero with Ditto, but explains that his time on Earth is about up. When they accuse him of killing Stu, he tells them that he didn't kill Stu, but sent him away. Telling them that he banished Cicero to Duckworld.

Solicit Synopsis

  • She-Hulk's law firm has defended super-villains before, but never one of "the big ones."
  • Has Mallory Book finally gone too far? Can she honestly expect She-Hulk to help her represent her cousin's greatest foe--the twisted, mass-murdering genius men call THE LEADER?!!
  • Plus: If you thought a certain someone was dead and'd be wrong. And you'll NEVER guess where they are now!


Continuity Notes

  • Mention is made that New York City is still being repaired following the Hulk's rampage in World War Hulk #15.
  • A newscaster mentions how the Leader once blew up a gamma bomb in the town of Middleton, New Mexico. This happened in Incredible Hulk #345.
  • The court hears of the various people She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters had slept with. These times are:
  • Mentions are made of how the Juggernaut and Iron Man both tried to destroy her cousin. The Hulk and Juggernaut have battled many times, the first being Incredible Hulk #172 and Iron Man exiled the Hulk into space in Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #91.

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